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There are many afflictions that may befall adventurers in Achaea, each one unique in its effects. While most are detrimental, some may actually be considered advantageous under certain circumstances. Such afflictions are often considered defences, such as deafness and blindness.

A comprehensive list of cures for afflictions may be found on the Cures page.

Afflictions include any of the altered states of mind and body brought on by venoms, curses, psychic manipulation, and various other abilities used by combatants and creatures. The ring of pestilence is an enchantment that will target its victim with a random affliction.

As is natural, every ailment has a corresponding cure, whether it be an herb, salve, or elixir. The powerful Tree of Life tattoo can also cure almost all afflictions, as could the Priest skill of Healing (formerly), and lifestone. The worry stone, gem of negation and the necklace of purity are enchantments that also cure afflictions.

Affliction List

AFFLICTION SHOW <affliction> will give the following (example with Addiction):
Affliction: Addiction to curatives Diagnose: suffering from addiction. Afflicted msg: You feel a terrible hunger grow within you. Cured msg: Your terrible addiction seems to wane. Cure(s): Eat Ginseng / Eat Ferrum WhisperingMadness: Yes Tzantza: Yes Accentato: Yes CadmusCurse: No
Affliction Effect Skills Cure
Addiction Elixir doublesip, and eat all of a mineral/plant to cure instead of just one Vardrax Ginseng/Ferrum (eat)
Aeon Delays actions, making it impossible to do more than one thing at once Aeonics, Artificing, Tarot Elm/Cinnabar (smoke)
Agoraphobia Causes fear outdoors, rush around to seek shelter. Artificing, Curses, Evileye, Hypnosis, Tarot Lobelia/Argentum (eat), Focus
Airfisted Hinders parrying and movements of chaos orb Striking Time (15s)
Amnesia Cancels the next action you take. Artificing, Curses, Evileye, Hypnosis, Telepathy none
Anorexia Makes it impossible to eat anything Artificing, Curses, Evileye, Devotion, Hypnosis, Physiology, Runelore, Spiritlore, Voicecraft Epidermal (apply), Focus
Asphyxiating Reveals your curative smoking Duress Time
Asthma Makes it impossible to smoke anything or hold breath. Various Kelp/Aurum (eat)
Blackout Obscures prompt, prevents you from seeing anything. Puppetry, Pranks, Propagation, Telepathy, Vodun Time (4s)
Blindness Prevents seeing the world around you. Various Epidermal to head (apply)
Blistered Delays movement between rooms, movement causes damage Ignition Time
Bloodfire Prevents applying salves while bleeding. Psionics none
Bound Prevents movement and many actions, harder to escape than entanglement Skirmishing, Subterfuge Writhe
Brokenleftarm Prevents using that arm in most situations. Various Mending to arms (apply)
Brokenleftleg Prevents using that leg, delays movement, standing. Various Mending to legs (apply)
Brokenrightarm Prevents using that arm in most situations. Various Mending to arms (apply)
Brokenrightleg Prevents using that leg, delays movement, standing. Various Mending to legs (apply)
Bruisedribs Can die to three backbreakers instead of four. Tekura Time (30s)
Burning/Ablaze Periodic (per 10s) fire damage. Various Mending (apply)
Cadmuscurse Causes focusing to add more physical afflictions. Domination Time
Calcifiedskull Timed affliction, gives mild/extreme head damage on completion based on prior head state. Sculpting Restoration to head (apply)
Calcifiedtorso Timed affliction, gives mild/extreme torso damage on completion based on prior torso state. Sculpting Restoration to body (apply)
Claustrophobia Causes fear when indoors, rush around to seek exit. Various Lobelia/Argentum (eat), Focus Mind
Clumsiness Makes it hard to physically hit target. Various Kelp/Aurum
Coldfate Negates breathing underwater Pervasion Time
Concussion Recurring amnesia (per 1s), making it hard to act Various Restoration to head (apply)
Condemned Locks in ablaze so burning levels can't be cured but also unable to be increased by paladins. Excision Time
Conflagration Periodic damage for as long as conflagration lasts. Artificing Cure all stacks of ablaze on you
Confusion Extends equilibrium recovery rate by double. Various Ash/Stannum (eat), Focus
Corruptedhumours Drains mana when you bleed, drains health when you clot. Physiology Time
Crackedribs Reduces health elixir healing amount, periodic sensitivity Weaponmastery Health (apply)
Cremated Forces you to embrace when you die. Ignition Time (60s)
Crushedthroat Increases smoking pipe balance time. Shikudo Mending to head (apply)
Daeggerimpale Periodic damage, restricts movement Apostasy Writhe
Damagedhead Recurring stupidity Various Restoration to head (apply)
Damagedleftarm Unable to use left arm. Various Restoration to arms (apply)
Damagedleftleg Unable to use left leg, delayed movement Various Restoration to legs (apply)
Damagedrighttarm Unable to use right arm. Various Restoration to arms (apply)
Damagedrightleg Unable to use right leg, delayed movement Various Restoration to legs (apply)
Darkshade Receive damage while outdoors, chance of death. Various Ginseng/Ferrum (eat)
Dazed Wipes out ability to resist hypnosis Hypnosis Elm/Cinnabar (smoke)
Dazzled Lowers accuracy, halves damage resistance Various Mending to head (apply)
Deadening Makes you more susceptible to telepathic locks Telepathy, Duress Elm/Cinnabar (smoke)
Deafness Stops you from hearing anything. Various Epidermal to head (apply)
Deathsickness Gives immunity to aeon, but you keep all afflictions upon burst and pass death sickness to your killer. Charnel Time
Deepsleep Sleep which cannot be naturally woken from none Time
Degenerate Artificially ages you, dropping constitution 1-6 points. Aeonics Time
Dehydrated Reduces resistance to fire-based damage Artificing Time
Dementia Makes you see things that aren't there, causes LOOK to show random locations Apostasy, Curses, Devotion, Domination, Evileye Ash/Stannum (eat), Focus
Demonstain Reduces all statistics by 1 point Apostasy Time
Depression Everytime you suffer a mental affliction, you take health and mana damage Shadowmancy Goldenseal/Plumbum (eat)
Deteriorate Artificially ages you, dropping intelligence 1-6 points. Aeonics Time
Disloyalty Turns loyal creatures into enemies Artificing, Duress, Monkshood, Necromancy, Occultism Valerian/Realgar (smoke)
Disrupted Keeps you permanently off-equilibrium. Telepathy Concentrate
Dissonance Periodically lose defences Crystalism Goldenseal/Plumbum (eat)
Dizziness Causes you to frequently become prone on movement. Various Goldenseal/Plumbum, Focus
Enlightenment Drives you insane, making your mental afflictions permanent. Occultism Death
Enmeshed Makes you unable to parry. Dragoncraft Time (4s)
Ensorcelled Causes various movement attempts to fail. Memorium Time (20s)
Entangled Prevents movement and most forms of action. Various Writhe
Entropy ??? Occultism Time
Epilepsy Periodically lose balance. Various Goldenseal/Plumbum (eat), Focus
Fear Drop wielded items and run around uncontrollably. Various Compose
Flamefisted Prevents rebounding, but also reduces your bleeding Striking Time (15s)
Flushings Eating ginseng or ferrum causes bleeding. Pestilence Ginseng/Ferrum (eat)
Frozen Recurring disruption, delays movement Elementalism, Metamorphosis, Necromancy, Occultism, Pervasion, Sublimation Caloric (apply)
Generosity Causes you to give away your material possessions. Hypnosis, Voicecraft Bellwort/Cuprum (eat)
Grievouswounds Locks in bleeding amount. Shikudo Health to torso (apply)
Guilt Focussing causes mental afflictions. Zeal Lobelia/Argentum (eat)
Haemophilia Prevents clotting. Curses, Domination, Memorium, Oppression, Pervasion, Physiology, Skirmishing, Weaving Ginseng/Ferrum (eat)
Hallucinations Recurring stun, prone, stupidity. Devotion, Hypnosis, Pervasion, Tarot Ash/Stannum (eat)
Hamstrung Delays movement. Striking Time (10s)
Hatred You will consider everybody an enemy. None, (Parni Time
Healthleech Periodically drains health. Various Kelp/Aurum (eat)
Heartseed Timed instakill Propagation Restoration to body (apply)
Hecatecurse Prevents curing whispering madness Domination Time (16s)
Hellsight Gives slickness, recurring hallucinations, fear, epilepsy Apostasy, Zeal, Devotion Valerian/Realgar (smoke)
Hindered Delays movement through forest. None' Time
Homunculusmercury Extends the next herb/mineral balance. Physiology Time, eating a curative
Horror Prevents curing fear. Anathema Goldenseal/Plumbum (eat)
Hypersomnia Prevents insomnia. Apostasy, Hypnosis, Tarot Ash/Stannum (eat)
Hypochondria Gives recurring nausea, addiction, lethargy, and impatience. Hypnosis, Shadowmancy, Striking Kelp/Aurum (eat)
Hypothermia Prevents curing freezing. Artificing Restoration to body (apply)
Icefisted Prevents touching tattoos. Striking Time (15s)
Impaled Prevents movement, makes you bleed alot. Skirmishing, Two Arts, Weaponmastery Writhe
Impatience Halves mana-sipping, prevents focus. Various Goldenseal/Plumbum (eat)
Indifference You cannot generate rage or use battlerage attacks. None Bellwort/Cuprum (eat)
Inquisition Reduced mana regen, increases mana cost of focus, makes being ablaze inextinguishable. Devotion Time (20s)
Insomnia Makes it difficult to fall asleep. Various Goldenseal/Plumbum (eat)
Internalbleeding Causes massive bleeding. Various Time
Isolation No one will hear you speak on channels Telepathy None
Itching Periodic loss of balance, recurring impatience Pranks Epidermal to body (apply)
Justice Any attack you make on the afflictor causes damage to yourself also. Shadowmancy, Tarot, Zeal Bellwort/Cuprum (eat)
Kaisurge Prevents mounting, adds slight extension to broken limb penalty for tumble. Kaido Time
Kkractlebrand Weakens fire resistance and unlocks further ignition abilities against you Ignition Time, Health (sip)
Laceratedthroat Causes stuttering, bleeding, reduces amount healed by health and mana elixir Propagation Restoration to head (apply)
Lapsingconsciousness Recurring unconsciousness None Time
Latched Various symptoms based on existing afflictions, setup for an instakill (Dessicate) Pervasion Time
Lethargy Leaves you physically drained, delaying movement and actions. Hypnosis, Pervasion, Physiology, Spiritlore Ginseng/Ferrum (eat)
Lightbind Causes most movement attempts to occasionally fail. Emulation Time (22s)
Loneliness Forces movement from rooms without people. Hypnosis Lobelia/Argentum (eat), Focus
Lovers Prevents you from attacking the afflictor. None, Sirens Bellwort/Cuprum (eat), Focus
Manaleech Continuous mana drain. Curses, Duress, Evileye, Shadowmancy, Spirituality, Tarot Valerian/Realgar (smoke)
Mangledhead Very damaged head. Gives a concussion, recurring amnesia Various Restoration to head (apply)
Mangledleftarm Very damaged left arm. Unable to to use that limb. Various Restoration to arms (apply)
Mangledleftleg Very damaged left leg. Unable to to use that limb. Various Restoration to legs (apply)
Mangledleftarm Very damaged right arm. Unable to to use that limb. Various Restoration to arms (apply)
Mangledrightleg Very damaged right leg. Unable to to use that limb. Various Restoration to legs (apply)
Masochism Causes you to periodically harm yourself. Various Lobelia/Argentum (eat)
Mindclamp Reduces health and mana by one fifth so long as mindlock is maintained. Telepathy None
Mindravaged Makes a psion's attacks on you to also drain your mana. Psionics Time
Muddled Makes actions more likely to fail when you have stupidity, and more likely to fall prone when you have dizziness. Psionics Time (12s)
Mycalium Everyone considers you a personal enemy. Also causes balance loss. Pestilence Goldenseal/Plumbum (eat)
Nausea Recurrent vomiting. Various Ginseng/Ferrum (eat)
Numbedleftarm Gives clumsiness, then healthleech if applied twice Shikudo Time
Numbedrightarm Gives clumsiness, then healthleech if applied twice Shikudo Time
Pacified Makes it impossible to perform aggressive actions. Telepathy Bellwort/Cuprum (eat)
Palpatarfeed Periodically afflicts with healthleech. Domination Time (20s)
Paralysis Prevents physical actions and movements. Various Bloodroot/Magnesium (eat)
Paranoia Makes you consider everyone a personal enemy. Various Ash/Stannum (eat)
Parasite Makes all your health regeneration heal the afflicter instead, delays speed elixir. Shadowmancy Kelp/Aurum (eat)
Peace Makes it impossible to perform aggressive actions. None Bellwort/Cuprum
Penitence Lets a priest regain Devotion by killing you. Devotion None
Petrified Prevents all actions and movements. Metamorphosis Time
Phlogisticated Prevents eating irid moss or potash. Alchemy Time (45s)
Pinshot Causes various attempts at movement to occasionally fail. Subterfuge Time (21)
Pressure Pressure delays movement and progressively enables Duress abilities. Duress Pear/Calcite (eat)
Prone Restricts movement, opens you up to more damaging abilities Various Stand
Pyramides Bleeding increases by ten percent Pestilence Bloodroot/Magnesium (eat)
Pyre Locks levels of ablaze on you (up to 5) until pyre is cured Excision Bellwort/Cuprum (eat)
Rebbies Applying a salve gives sensitivity Pestilence Kelp/Aurum (eat)
Recklessness Makes your health and mana appear to be full. Various Lobelia/Argentum (eat), Focus
Retribution Sipping health elixir makes you lose half that amount in mana. Sipping mana makes you lose half that amount in health. Shadowmancy Bellwort/Cuprum (eat)
Revealed Temporarily negates effects of shroud and hiding Star sigil Time (60s)
Sandfever Gives "Now now, don't be so hasty!" message after only one room, inhibits focus Pestilence Goldenseal/Plumbum (eat)
Scalded Inhibits parrying. Artificing Epidermal to head (apply)
Scrambledbrains Can't naturally break telepathic locks. Telepathy Time (60s)
Syctherus Makes any afflictions you have relapse after a short delay. Venoms, Memorium Ginseng/Ferrum
Selarnia Makes it hard for metamorphs to maintain bonds with animal spirits Various Mending to body (apply)
Sensitivity Increases damage of attacks you receive. Various Kelp/Aurum (eat)
Serioustrauma Causes great bleeding Various Restoration (apply)
Shadowmadness Periodically gives random mental afflictions, increases mana cost and cooldown of focus. Shadowmancy Goldenseal/Plumbum (eat)
Shivering Causes periodic equilibrium loss. Various Caloric (apply)
Shyness Makes you run away at the sight of other people. Various Goldenseal/Plumbum (eat), focus
Silenced Inhibits both speaking and hearing. Duress Time
Silver Negates affects of shroud concealing actions. Alchemy Time (180s)
Skullfractures Extends health sipping cooldown, gives periodic nausea. Weaponmastery Health to head (apply)
Slashedthroat Reduces how much health and mana elixirs heal you. Propagation Epidermal to head (apply)
Sleeping Causes prone, can do nothing but dream, and wake up. Various Wake
Slickness You can't apply salves while slick. Various Valerian/Realgar (smoke), Bloodroot/Magnesium (eat)
Slimeobscure Obscures random cure messsages. Domination Time (60s)
Solarburn Afflicts uncurable sensitivity for a time Sublimation Time (5s)
Spiritburn Causes flames of ablaze to drain mana as well as health. Zeal Lobelia/Argentum (eat)
Stupidity Causes you to occasionally perform silly emotes instead of intended actions. Various Goldenseal/Plumbum (eat)
Stuttering Makes all speaking (aloud and on channels) unintelligible. Hypnosis, Puppetry, Pranks, Shikudo Epidermal to head (apply)
Temperedcholeric Progressively causes random curing abilities to fail. Physiology Ginger/Antimony (eat)
Temperedmelancholic Progressively reduces effectiveness of moss and potash. Physiology Ginger/Antimony (eat)
Temperedphlegmatic Chance of filling lungs with phlegm, extending smoking cooldown. Physiology Ginger/Antimony (eat)
Temperedsanguine Causes bleeding to increase over time. Physiology Ginger/Antimony (eat)
Tenderskin Applying salves drains mana, especially for restoration. Excision, Zeal Lobelia/Argentum (eat)
Tension Increases pressure and it impossible to land (if flying) Duress Elm/Cinnabar (smoke)
Timeflux Doubles salve cooldown and delays tumble attempts. Artificing Time (60s)
Timeloop Causes all Shadowmancy instillations to give twice as many afflictions. Shadowmancy Bellwort/Cuprum (eat)
Tonguetied Makes you unable to cure stuttering until it is itself cured. Puppetry Restoration to head (apply)
Torntendons Makes movement attempts fail, gives periodic clumsiness Weaponmastery Health to legs (apply)
Transfixed Prevents many actions. Elementalism, Runelore, Weatherweaving, Woodlore Writhe
Trueblind Blindness so perfect not even mindseye counteracts it. Weaving Time (7s)
Unconsciousness Causes you to blackout and stops you from doing anything. Skirmishing Time
Unweavingbody Progressively drains health. Weaving Ginseng/Ferrum (eat)
Unweavingmind Progressively drains mana. Weaving Goldenseal/Plumbum (eat)
Unweavingspirit Makes this progressively harder to cure. Weaving Elm/Cinnabar (smoke)
Vertigo Makes you afraid of heights. No flying or highjumping. Various Lobelia/Argentum (eat)
Vinewreathed Negates parrying viridian thornrends Propagation Time (20s)
Vitiated Reduces strength and dexterity stats by 2 Shindo Time
Vitrified You will bleed anytime you use balance. Alchemy Time (45s)
Voidfisted Chance of curatives failing. Striking Time (15s)
Voyria It will bring death in 15s if not cured. Curses, Evileye, Memorium, Venoms Immunity (sip)
Waterbonds Chance to hinder movement. Pervasion Time
Weakenedmind Next focus will have a very increased cooldown. Domination None
Weariness Increases endurance use, increases damage from blunt and cutting attacks, makes certain delayed movments move delayed. Various Kelp/Aurum (eat)
Webbed Restricts movement and actions. Web tattoo Writhe
Wristfractures Periodically gives lethargy. Weaponmastery Health to arms (apply)