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Demon Prince Caizehl, the Iron Lord was an exceptionally powerful demon from the Inferno. Possessing a massive stature and often clad in blackened armour, Caizehl had cloven feet, and a possessed an enormous pair of razor-sharp steel wings, which garnered him the accolade of "The Steel Angel" before his demise. Like all other demon princes, his power rivaled Gods upon his home plane.

Declaring that rule of the infernal plane belonged to demon princes alone—including Pazuzu and himself—Caizehl led an uprising against Sartan and His daemonic empire. He clashed with the God of Evil in the year 807AF, but perished when the Malevolent One snapped his spine in two.

Sartan ripped the heart from the dying demon before bestowing it upon Mhaldor for use as their font, known now as the Heart of Caizehl.

Caizehl wielded a demon-forged blade known as the Black Sword.