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Bulgath, a ghoul chef, is an emaciated Mhun who sells his unique assortment of grotesque eats in the Griesly family manor. He is covered with decaying, bruised flesh, which falls away at places to reveal muscle and bone. His hunched form is disgusting and nauseatingly smelly at best, and his tattered brown clothing and a dirty apron do nothing to alleviate his atrocious appearance. He carries a large box of unknown contents and a filthy metal pick. Stringy, oily white hair falls over his face, missing in places where the flesh of his scalp has rotted away.

Bulgath's Wares

Pickled Xoran tail - 130gp
Stripped of its scales and cut to provide only the choicest of meat, a portion of a Xoran's tail sits curled upon a large plate. The appendage is sliced open and deboned, and the flesh glistens with the juices and spices used to pickle it. A strong smell of vinegar wafts from the tail, almost overpowering in its intensity.
Fried Grook leg - 120gp
A Grook's calf small enough to belong to a child sits upon a large platter. The flesh is fried and browned, and the smell of pepper and grease drifts up from the hot flesh. At one side of the plate, several leaves of basil decorate the entree.
Plate of basted Dwarf ribs - 250gp
Soaking in meaty juices, the cut ribs of some unfortunate Dwarf sit upon a large wooden platter. The meal is coated in a reddish-brown basting, and the aroma of heady spices and cooked flesh wafts up from it. Dark bones peek out from the tops of the ribs where they are sawed away to provide easy access to only the meatiest portions.
Succulent poached spleen - 300gp
Green flecks dot the dark maroon muscle of this poached spleen, marking an assortment of spices in the thick red wine sauce that covers it. Smooth and glistening wetly, the surface of the organ is shaped like a rounded, engorged triangle. The soft treat gives off a savoury scent as its sauce drips slowly off the tissue.
Fresh eyeball - 75gp
A fleshy pink patch at the back of the sphere is all that remains of the ocular nerve, but aside from that removal nothing prepares this eye for ingestion. Around the dilated pupil, the thin iris is pale green while the rest of the orb is bloodshot, with thin capillaries standing out against the slightly pink surface.
Strip of Mhun jerky - 150gp
A thick strip of dried meat, this choice piece of jerky is a vivid red-brown in colour. The desiccated muscle is tough and stringy, though it bears a few long stripes of paler and softer fat running along its length. Speckling the delicacy, crushed peppercorns add a spicy kick to the otherwise tame flesh.