Bloodstained shard of enamel

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Bloodstained shards of enamel are used to build a magical personal artefact locket with various life-enhancing powers. With each shard fused to the locket more powers can be unlocked. These powers are fueled with the user's own blood, which can be imbued into the locket once every twenty-four days. The locket has twenty levels of power, each level bringing the owner an increased level of temporary immortality, or at least, a delay until death.

Locket Powers

Level Power
1 Creation of the locket
2 The locket no longer decays.
3 Once may solicit the locket for immortality. Death is suspended for 5 seconds after you die
4 The locket now resets to you.
5 changes locket to one of 7 different themed versions. Useable once per day.
6 Immortality now lasts 10 seconds.
7 Draw your fatigue into the portrait, refreshing tiredness. (33% power usage)
8 Trade satiation with the portrait, quenching hunger. (33% power usage)
9 Immortality now lasts for 15 seconds.
10 Cleanse oneself of all alcoholic effects. (33%)
11 Caressing the locket now has a lower cost.
12 Immortality now lasts 20 seconds.
13 Regain 5% of maximum endurance. (50% power usage)
14 Regain 5% of maximum willpower. (50% power usage)
15 Immortality now lasts 25 seconds.
16 Store/retrieve your rage in the portrait. (33% power usage)
17 Freeze tattoos on the portrait, preventing automatic fading for a day. (33% power)
18 Immortality now lasts 30 seconds.
19 Soliciting locket for willpower or endurance now imbues 10% of your maximum stat.
20 Immortality will no longer kill you, should you reach your full health and mana before immortality fades.