Aurora supernalis

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This page is about the celebratory light display. For the Goddess of Light, please see Aurora

The aurora supernalis is a heavenly phenomenon which is said to herald a time of great fortune, rebirth, and renewal. The occurrence manifests as a colourful veil of shifting light, draping the celestial vault in colours of sapphire, gold, and crimson. Astrologers discern that this spectacular sight signifies the drawing to a close of a special cycle of the Dance of the Vault, usually as counted from the beginning of the Modern Age. Both Gods and mortals observe the occasion, their actions doubly favoured by the good omen of the aurora. Egghunts and quizzes, riddles and rampages are held in commemoration, and the merchants of the Itinerant Bazaar take advantage of celebrations to the make their way to Sapience, peddling exotic wares to enthusiastic patrons.