Stadia Coronae

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The Stadia Coronae, roughly translated from Tritonic as "Crown Stadium", is the arena of Hashan. Formerly named the "Stadia Nyktos", the arena had its name change provoked following the ousting of Twilight as Patron of the city. It is built around a handful of related areas: the village of Lisigia, the Northern Lisigian Wealds, the Darkshade River, the swampy Lisigian Wastelands, and nearby Damballah Lake. Encompassing this entire area is a ring of foothills, outwardly ascending to low mountain ranges.


The fishing village of Lisigia serves as the centre of the arena. This small hamlet's only well-known structures include a small, unassuming chapel and an inn. Overall, the village seems to have been abandoned during its busiest hour. It is bounded to the north by the Northern Lisigian Wealds and to the south by the Darkshade River and the Lisigian Wastelands.

Northern Lisigian Wealds

Lying on the northern edge of the Stadia Coronae are the moss-carpeted Northern Lisigian Wealds. Chiefly composed of firs and beech trees, this dark, unimaginably dense forest harbours an oak or two as well. The wealds are so massive that, from some perspectives, the forest stretches onward to the horizon. In the northwestern section lies Lisigia Palace, a ransacked and dilapidated old structure which obviously once housed those in power over the Lisigia area.

Darkshade River

From its starting point as two small streams in the southwestern foothills, the Darkshade River forks north and south as it juts through the Lisigian Wastelands. Its north end terminates at a small cavern, out of sight just south of the village of Lisigia, while its south end falls away into the southern foothills. A single pier graces this icy river on its northern end, while an aged stone jetty can be found further south. Upon the jetty, a pair of fierce ruby eyes are carved, likely symbolic of the Lord Twilight.

Lisigian Wastelands

Once the site of a massive, bloody, and decisive battle, the Lisigian Wastelands are the remnants of an ancient forest that once spanned the entirety of the Lisigia area. Now it is a boggy marshland, and only broken trees and the bones of the dead stand vigil as testaments to what once was. Through this swamp flows the Darkshade River.

Damballah Lake

Nestled at the southern end of the Northern Lisigian Wealds, north of the village of Lisigia and east of its main stretch of road, lies Damballah Lake. Its waters are ever shrouded in a fine layer of mist, lending an aura of mysticism to them. At the centre of the lake stands a dark, massive obelisk toward which the lake's currents spiral inward.