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Bombs are typically small explosive weapons, detonating to release a variety of effects upon nearby adventurers. The science of bomb-baking goes back hundreds of years to the Jester's Guild, and even today can be a formidable craft in a jester's bag of tricks. While anyone can throw them, only jesters can time them or tie them to the back of suicide mice. The list of bombs is as follows:

Butterfly bomb
Jet black and featureless, when thrown to the ground blasts adventurers from the skies and trees.
Concussion bomb
Red and pulsating spheroid, momentarily stuns everyone in the room when thrown.
Dust bomb
Grey and ball-shaped, numbs the senses, giving blackout affliction to everyone in the room for a few seconds.
Smoke bomb
Translucent and smoke-filled, when detonated its smoke chokes everyone in the room, causing hunger.
Web bomb
Small and web-covered, explodes strands of webbing to bind everyone in the room.