Cataclysmic Anachai was both planet and plane of Artemis, the Great Wrath and seethed with Her calamitous essence. It was a realm considered sacred to Her followers, and for this they were named the Anachaine. The skies of Anachai were blessed with two burning stars and filled with howling winds and crashing thunder whilst its jungled surface ranged with volcanic mountains and roaring seas. The native fauna of the wilds was hardy and fierce and included the great pouakai eagles in its ranks. It was from this world that Dalukar, the nevaharr hailed and it was also the prison of the buckawn witchdoctor after his failed insectile attack upon the Ithmian forests. In a Divine duel, Artemis drew heavily upon the energy of the plane to invigorate Herself against the rampaging Lupus. The plane perished with its Matron in 844 AF.