War Galley

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The War Galley was introduced 537 years after the fall of the Seleucarian Empire. The Pirates of Mysia made a daring escape and brought with them a shipwright named Scurvy Jim who had learned the design of the Kashari War Galley and offered to build ships for adventurers patterned after this design.

The war galley can be purchased from Scurvy Jim in Mysia for a price of 10 million gold sovereigns. The galley is larger and bulkier than the other two types of ships: the Thalassian Seastrider and the Windcutter. Although slower in response time to the lighter ships and less effective while travelling into the wind, it proves itself to have a much faster cruising speed, more efficient sails and also allows for an arsenal of six weapons, double that of the Seastrider.

The War Galley is made up of seven decks: the quarterdeck, the main deck with starboard and larboard sides, the bow, the lower rowing deck with starboard and larboard sides, the prison hold, the captain's cabin and the storage hold.

Like any other ship, one may expand onto the cabin using housing credits at double the cost of a subdivision room.

In History: In year 526, for his prowess in winning some of the first worldwide ship races, Soopay became the first owner of a War Galley as his prize.