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Voyria is a venom widely considered to be among the most deadly in all of Sapience. It is fast acting, and once it enters the victim's bloodstream, it begins affecting all areas of the body - resulting in death. Typically, the victim will exhibit the following symptoms:

You begin feeling slightly flushed.
Blood begins to slowly drip from your nose.
You cough suddenly, expelling black fluid with bits of what looks to be tissue suspended in it.
Your legs tremble slightly as a yellow jaundice begins to creep through your now-pale features.
The dark void of terror fills your mind as, horribly, blood begins to seep out of every pore on your body.
Your body begins to convulse, and as a scream that won't come claws frantically at your throat, your back snaps from the sheer force of the spasms, killing you instantly.

To cleanse the poison from the body, the victim must drink an immunity elixir or antigen tonic when spotting the first symptoms, before the voyria venom has had a chance to take its full effect.