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Trusler Gale is a quirky, energetic Head Chronicler. Slow to anger, quick to forgive, and prolific with his work on the Achaean Lore, Trusler is often on the move - traveling to the great libraries of the land such as the Library of the Ancients in Azdun or the great Lucretian Athenaeum in New Thera to fact check his field notes or complete more in-depth research on potential Lore entries. Having completed his first major publication, entitled Artefacts Abound: From the Freakish to the Fantastic, A Cataloging, Trusler now scours the continent and the planes beyond for new and interesting Lore.

Trusler blames all the more gruesome attributions of his Lore entries on Corvax, a truly interesting and sadistic Head Chronicler.