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The Paper Crown is a shop located in a pavilion by the Bazaar of Hashan. It specialises in selling stationery, particularly letters with special motifs, all of which are handcrafted by Hectan, the papermaker.


Creamy white letter with a unicorn watermark - 150gp
The paper of this letter is a thick, creamy white that emphasises its high quality. Thin black parallel lines run across its width, evenly separated, to assist in keeping lines of writing neat and regular. Watermarked into the letter's background, in a pale grey silhouette that does not distract the eye from the letter's text, is the image of a magnificent unicorn. It stands alert, one forehoof raised, with its head facing to the left. An elegantly groomed mane and tail hang from its form, and a sprialling horn ascends from the centre of its equine forehead.
Letter depicting the triple eclipse - 150gp
The lined writing surface of this sheet of stationery is a creamy white in colour, with thick black borders that lend it an air of importance. Its reverse side bears a striking astronomical image. On a background of star-speckled black, three orbs lock together in triangular formation to obscure the much larger yellowish circle of the sun in a magnificent eclipse. The first of these planets is an ominously dark shade of grey; the second, a gleaming, haunting crimson; and the third, a luminous white orb that shines with pale phospheresence.
Claret-coloured ritual letter - 150gp
Thick, claret-coloured parchment creates this letter, the texture luxurious to the touch. Rippling across the surface, black inscriptions shadow the edge from top to bottom, various unfinished written incantations blending with more mundane words. Allowing space for any writing within the middle, a slight sheen causes this missive to shimmer.
Festive golden letter - 150gp
Thick, expensive parchment creates this letter, the surface brushed with a light sheen of gold until the whole missive glitters and shines. Embossed into the corners, piles of sovereigns catch the light, and a curling scroll at the bottom allows a signature to be displayed with a flourish.
Formal letter banded with black - 150gp
Running across the surface of this letter, a thick black band adds to its formality. Embossed into the black belt, a highlighted image of a monastery shimmers with a slight touch of gold.
Viper-decorated letter - 150gp
Bordering this letter are two green eyelash vipers, picked out in lifelike detail. The viper on the left is obviously ready for a fight, its head drawn back and fangs exposed menacingly as it peers across the upper edge of the letter at its counterpart. Along the left edge, the viper's body twines caressingly about the hilt of a deadly-looking dirk, the blade resting flat upon the snake's skin. The viper on the right appears more relaxed, yet also alert, its tongue out and flickering, as if studying its environment as it exchanges gazes with the other snake. On the right edge is a partial view of an open book, with the viper's body lying upon it in deceptively lazy coils. Each viper's body trails down to the bottom of the letter, and their tails meet in a loose knot in the middle. Across the top is a gold plaque with ornate script reading, "If you neglect your art for one day, it will neglect you for two." The background of the letter is decorated in a very faint, light green scale pattern. This letter may be rolled into a cylinder and bound with a green ribbon to keep it from unfurling.
Formal black letter of invitation - 150gp
Thick, black parchment creates this sombre missive, slight indentations creating a delicate texture across its surface. Stamped upon one corner, a golden crown shimmers with a subtle sheen.
Dream motif letter - 150gp
Across the bottom of this letter is the back of an anonymous sleeping figure. From the sleeper comes a dream-bubble, in which you may inscribe thoughts or dreams of your own. The letter may be rolled into a cylinder and bound with a black ribbon to keep it from unfurling.
Moon motif letter - 150gp
This letter depicts a large full moon upon an inky blue background. Lightly sketched within the moon's outer edges are guide-lines for writing upon. It may be rolled into a cylinder and bound with a silver ribbon to keep it from unfurling.
Silvery letter depicting the Planetarium -150gp
Thick, expensive paper creates this wondrous letter, its surface dusted with fine silver dust, emphasising the details. Embellished over its surface, the detailed image of the illustrious Planetarium rises slightly from the page, its centre void of any extras to allow writing to be seen clearly.
Embellished letter of alchemist symbols - 150gp
Tiny specks of silver paint dapple the upper fourth of this letter, sparkling stars on the background colour of deepest blue. Fading from top to bottom, layers of alchemical symbols trickle down the page until they gradually fade away, leaving the bottom blank for a signature. A black ribbon is provided, embroidered with matching markings to highlight the importance of this missive.

Discontinued Wares

Moon and sea decorated letter - 150gp
Tiny specks of silver paint dapple the upper fourth of this letter, sparkling stars on the background colour of deepest blue. In the middle of this area is a full white moon rising above an unbroken horizon of dark ocean. Bright moonlight reflects off the water's surface in a widening swathe as it extends down the length of the paper, providing a writing area over lightly suggested waves and further touches of silver off the peaks of the waves. The letter may be rolled into a cylinder, and bound with a black ribbon to keep it from unfurling.
Sea motif letter - 150gp
This letter is dyed in various shades of blue, with a light-hearted wave motif upon it, and distinctive sea creatures decorate the borders. It may be rolled into a cylinder and bound with a blue ribbon to keep it from unfurling.