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Ekary Lucoster, known since childhood as the Sinistar, was the founder of the Infernals Guild.

During the Death's Heart Saga, he lent his support to the Quisalar until he realised that the Quisalar opposed undeath - a cornerstone of the Infernals Guild.

At one point, Sinistar clashed in the Guild leadership with followers of Twilight and was later cast out of the city for purported use of then-illegal venoms. Many believed that his persecution was the result of an elaborate setup, while others attributed it to arrogance and self-preservation. Sinistar eventually regained control of the Guild, but he died not long after.

This demise, however, was short-lived. Instead of passing on to the Halls of Sarapis, he entered a state of undeath. Around this time, he finished construction of a tomb for himself near North of Thera - the Mausoleum of Ekary Lucoster. Scant years afterward, Ekary Lucoster resigned as Guildmaster of the Infernals.