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Located in the Pash Valley near Jaru, the monastery of Shala'jen, named for Jokelehn Shala'jen, its founder, is a sorrowful place. All that remains of the peaceful monks who once lived here are their grief-stricken ghosts. Those intrepid adventurers who dare to delve into the monastery's past, however, may discover there is more than meets the eye.

Down a sloping path near the monastery lies a small cave inhabited by the Shala'jen bandits. Led by the master thief Gontathis, they are aggressive towards anyone who might stumble into their lair. Lurking within the hideout as well is Vandastk, the bone collector.

The symbol of the Shala'jen monks is a cross with a feather on the top.

For years, the monastery was hidden from mortal eyes. In the year 306, snows and rains cleared the debris covering the structure and cleared a path to the halls.


  • The Fountain of grace lies beneath the main floor of the monastery.
  • From the bell tower one can view the monastery grounds as well as the surrounding countryside.
  • Within the monastery gardens lies the holy sanctum, where the founder of the monastery is buried, as well as a headstone marking the grave of Silvestri Carnivalis, founder of the Jesters.


Aside from the various monks, scholars, and astronomers who make their home here, visitors may encounter: