Ruinous Accords

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The Ruinous Accords is a document and bond between Ashtan and the black court of the Chaos Plane. Signed in 692 AF, it represented and solidified Ashtan's historic abandonment of Freedom as its central principle and open embracing of discordant philosophy.

The Ruinous Accords

Borne upon an abominable alliance of ruthlessly enduring vendetta, military might, and the terrible machinations of Imperator Glaaki and his Chaos Court, rises Ashtan, the Seat of Chaos. Their profane aims are wrought with havoc and destruction, utter ruin brought to bear against the orderly social and theological structures that would dare oppose the Bastion and her hermetic benefactors.

Through irreverent and wanton devastation shall this favoured state wade; ambitious aspirants to power and glory, as they pave the way with rubble for the dominion of Chaos.

The Lords of the Chaos Plane, represented this day by Imperator Glaaki, the Eldritch Ascendant, shall:

  • Ever provide guidance and assistance to the state of Ashtan should it be deemed necessary.
  • Retain seats numerous enough within the Court for every resident of Ashtan in readiness until such a time as they fulfill their obligations and undertake their ascension.

Ashtan here represented by the incumbent Overseer Dunn Lichlord, shall:

  • Be known as Ashtan, the Seat of Chaos.
  • Undertake the traditional guardian role, first accepted by the Occultists Guild of old.
  • Responsible for maintaining the sanctity of the Wheel of Chaos and her residents.
  • Strive with all possible might and method to ready the world known as Achaea for the dominion of Chaos.

Signed upon this day, in the year 692 AF by,

Imperator Glaaki, the Eldritch Ascendant

Representative of the Chaos Court.

Dunn Lichlord, Tyrant of the North

Overseer and representative of Ashtan.