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Pills were items that, for a brief period early in the Modern Age, served the purpose that healing herbs do now. They were originally the first means of curing known to adventurers in Sapience, but with the discovery of concoctions and creating elixirs they soon were phased out, as concoctions were more affordable versions of the pills.

Pills were stored in pillbelts, later called pocketbelts.

Pill Name Herb Equivalent Other
Reaction Pill Bloodroot N/A
Scholastic Pill Myrrh Brown in colour, increased learning
Altruism Pill Bellwort N/A
Sanity Pill Ash Cured confusion
Blessing Pill Elm Cured hellsight
Harmony Pill Goldenseal Cured stupidity
Deathsight Pill Skullcap Gave deathsight
Conditioning Pill Kelp Cured clumsiness
Purifying Pill Ginseng N/A