Marketplace (Riparium)

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The marketplace of Riparium, tended to by the nixie Volandria, sells a variety of items to those who find themselves in need of food, air, or merely a souvenir to remember their visit to the underwater city by.


Lobster - 100gp
This crustacean is a very popular food item among the merfolk. Its claws have been tied by strands of sea grass, and it appears to be still alive, yet strangely immobile.
Puffer fish - 175gp
This small fish is considered a delicacy by many, even though it is well known that it is poisonous. It has been punctured at the base of its spine, thus rendering it immobile, though greatly shortening its lifespan.
Prickly pear - 75gp
Smooth and round, the prickly pear looks moist and inviting.
Piece of kelp - 35gp
Dried out to a dark green, the piece of kelp bears little relation to its former life in the ocean.
Small herring - 70gp
This fish appears to still be somewhat alive, for its gills still open and close rather slowly. Its scales appear bright and healthy, so one cannot determine the cause of its lethargy.
Delicate coral bracelet - 900gp
This bracelet is crafted from a stunning silver alloy and bears finely polished coral plates along its exterior. Each plate is a square perhaps a half-inch across, with unique colours and patterns flowing across the surface.
Tiny octopus - 110gp
This small octopus is barely larger than your palm, tentacles and all. At first you think it may be dead, but the tips of its tentacles twitch every so often, indicating it still has a spark of life in it.