Liekha'Oron Inn

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The Liekha'Oron Inn, otherwise known as the Horn and Stars Inn, is located in Istarion. Norielhela is the innkeeper.


Crescent-shaped bread roll - 60gp
Buttery pastry dough has been rolled and formed into the shape of a crescent moon and baked until golden brown. The result is a light, flaky roll that smells as delicious as it looks, and is still warm to the touch.
Red wine - 250gp
Fine crystal comprises this generously sized wine goblet, which is adorned with ivy leaves of sculpted crystal, tinted a rich verdigris hue. The slim stem flares dramatically into a wide base, balancing the proportions of the goblet well, and discouraging accidental spills while maintaining an elegant profile.
Sliced soursop fruit - 75gp
This irregularly shaped fruit has been peeled and cut into pieces roughly the size of an apple slice. The cream-coloured flesh is tender and juicy, and has been dusted with a light layer of sugar to enhance the flavour.