Imperial Museum

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The Imperial Museum, a grand building off Kashshi Way in Shallam, showcases the finest examples of that city's history, culture, and art.

There are currently six exhibits:

  • The Ancient Treasures wing of the museum contains the broadsword wielded by Darius himself during the Ashtan-Shallam Wars.
  • The Shallamese Masters Exhibit displays paintings in chronological order, done mostly in oils and chalk.
  • A black lesser dragon, preserved through taxidermy, dominates the Natural History Exhibit.
  • The exhibit in honour of the Sultan is filled with crown jewels, examples of imperial dress, and even past monarchs' poetry and art.
  • The gallery of religious artefacts contains a large statue of Sarapis, re-creations of the golden apple, and other strange and ancient items.
  • The Church memorial hall contains relics recovered from the old basilica, as well as historical art evocative of the Church era.

Oghma, the curator, resides in a dusty office tucked away at the back of the Museum.