Hriddan Settlement

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Hriddan Settlement
Leader Gar Nodak, Chieftain of the Hriddan
Discoverer Zydain, Shimra, Lodur, Laytron, and Chani
Enemies Kolyartus, the Blizzard

The Hriddan Settlement is a clan of xenophobic minotaur hunter-gatherers located in northern Sapience.


The settlement can be found nestled in the far northern wastelands of Sapience within the western mountains slightly southeast of Isaia.


Led by their chieftain, Gar Nodak, the minotaurs of Hriddan consider combat prowess and an aptitude for survival to be valuable attributes, as they are indispensable abilities to have when withstanding the harsh realities of their tundra environment. Given their distrusting nature towards outsiders, the Hriddan have lived for countless years in isolation. Only the recent occupation of the caves outside the settlement by Kolyartus and his savage, bloodthirsty ice demons has forced Gar Nodak to allow foreigners into the village, much to the distaste of some Hriddan inhabitants; Gar Nodak, however, is not without his supporters, and he maintains his decision to put his people's survival before their pride.


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