Hashan Drinks

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This is a listing of the alcoholic speciality drinks of Hashan.

  • Absinthe - Made from distilled wormwood. The stronger variation of absinthe in the realms, the other coming from Cyrene, this may cause anything from slight hallucinations to a serious trip depending on how one drinks it.
  • Ale - Two types. Stout ale mixed with creamy kawhe, tinged with notes of bitter chocolate in a green bottle. Citrine ale spiced with bitter coriander and cardamom in a cobalt bottle.
  • Apricot Brandy - Brandy usually made of grapes is made with apricots. Served in snifters, take care.
  • Bloody hunter's moon - Mulch of pressed tomatoes in a strong, chilled vodka with pepper. Garnished with lemon and celery.
  • Bourbon - Premium whiskey distilled in oak barrels. Slightly weaker, but given in bigger doses.
  • Cognac - Brandy distilled in oak barrels, a sweet and warming feeling.
  • Darkbrew - A very dark ale in a very dark glass. Strongest of all other ales in Achaea and given in very large portions.
  • Fontis Wine - A rosy pink fruit wine within a small decanter.
  • Night Terror Whiskey - A deep black shot of whiskey with the consistency of molasses. Grants a brief vision of burning red eyes and booming laughter.
  • Sloe gin - Brewed from ripe sloe berries and sugar, gin in a small carved glass.