Ghezavat Commune

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The Ghezavat Commune
Leader Atropa Hatun
Religion Death and the Sun

Coiled beneath the shifting sands of the Mhojave Desert, Ghezavat Commune endured without outside detection until the year 849 AF. Built as a sanctuary for the ill and the ancient, all who abide there suffer from a form of mortality sickness and decay that has exiled them from the surface. It was here that the arts of the Pariah were learned by adventurers in the mid-9th century.


Bound in tenuous peace by the mysterious Concords, a culture of secrecy pervading the recently-exposed commune is as essential to Ghezavati life as the fierce dichotomy betwixt those who court the Sun and those who revere only Death. Long-dead Gods and royalty are still worshipped under the dunes, and the relics of the past are as cherished as the present.


Flora and Fauna

Little life grows in the guarded sandstone halls of the commune. Subterranean fungal farms are worked by the populace, probably the main source of nourishment for the commune. The occasional insect can be found; sapphire scarab beetles can be sighted if one looks carefully.