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The Furnishing trade skill became available to adventurers in the year 712 A.F., allowing them to create furniture to sell to others via their shops or furnish their subdivision homes or structures.

All furnishing labour must be done within a carpentry workshop, located at the former site of the Delosian Furniture showroom. Those with the trade skill find that the space and usage of tools come at a fee. Many of the aspects of building and altering furniture frames come at a commodity and monetary cost.

Abilities in Furnishing

Ability Description
Frames Construction of the fundamental bare-bones furnishing frames.
Syntax: FRAME CONSTRUCT <type>
FRAME <frame> ALTER <attribute> <value>
FURNISH <frame>
Details: The skilled carpenter may utilise a carpentry workshop to construct frames, which are are the bare foundations of common furniture. Frames may be furnished as is to produce standard and generic furniture, but may be expanded upon by altering various attributes. Those more skilled in carpentry may alter a greater number of attributes as their abilities develop. Likewise, the more skilled carpenter will have the know-how to construct a wider array of frame types.
Throws Weaving of the fundamental soft frames of furnishing.
Details: Your studies have progressed to where you may weave basic soft frames out of cloth to make the following: sheets, rugs, runners, tapestries
  • Sheets  : 50 cloth + 2500gp shop fee
  • Rug  : 100 cloth + 2000gp shop fee
  • Runner  : 100 cloth + 2500gp shop fee
  • Tapestry: 300 cloth + 3500gp shop fee
Chairs Allows for the construction of chair-like frames.
Syntax: None
Details: Your studies have granted you the ability to construct the basic frame of chairs, allowing for the creation of: :*Chair : 100 wood + 2500gp shop fee
  • Bench : 200 wood + 5000gp shop fee
  • Throne: 700 wood + 5000gp shop fee
  • Stool : 80 wood + 2500gp shop fee
Shapes Alteration of the core shape of a furniture frame.
Syntax: FRAME <frame> ALTER SHAPE
Details: By utilising the various tools of a carpentry workshop, you have mastered the ability of carving frames into a variety of shapes. Known shapes are: crescent, heart, heptagonal, hexagonal, octagonal, oval, pentagonal, rectangular, round, square, triangular.
Containers The hollowing of frames and careful carving to create containers.
Syntax: None
Details: Learning the careful art of carving and shaping, you have learned the method to constructing containers, allowing for the creation of:
  • Basket  : 40 wood + 2000gp shop fee
  • Bookshelf: 1000 wood + 300000gp shop fee
  • Bookcase : 1000 wood + 475000gp shop fee
  • Dresser  : 120 wood + 2800gp shop fee
  • Chest  : 100 wood + 2200gp shop fee
Note: Bookshelves have a far higher commodity cost and workshop tax as they are associated with libraries and will not decay.
Dimensions Utilising various workshop tools to alter the dimensions of furniture frames.
Syntax: FRAME <frame> ALTER <dimension> <value>
Details: Your training in buffering, cutting and shaping have granted the ability to specify dimensions of your frames.
Valid dimensions are:
Height: tall, short
Width: broad, narrow
Depth: shallow, deep
Specifications Use workshop materials to alter the specification of a frame.
Syntax: FRAME <frame> ALTER SPECIFICATION <value>
Details: From a carpentry workshop, the carpenter may utilise house supplies to apply a specification to their frame.
Valid specifications are: high-gloss, low-gloss, matt
Styles Careful refining and a steady hand may alter the detailed style of a frame.
Syntax: FRAME <frame> ALTER STYLE <style>
Details: Patience and perseverance in the craft have allowed you to refine the intricate details of a frame, specifying its very style.
Valid styles are: classic, fancy, ornate, plain
Surfaces Detailed planing allows for the construction of frames with surfaces.
Details: You have mastered the patient art of planing, granting the ability to refine surfaces and allowing for the creation of:
  • Table: 160 wood + 5000gp shop fee
  • Desk : 140 wood + 3000gp shop fee
  • Shelf: 80 wood + 1000gp shop fee
Colours The ability to utilise workshop paints to decorate frames.
Syntax: FRAME <frame> ALTER COLOUR <colour>
Details: Training with the brush have allowed for you to utilise workshop paints to colour your frames.
Valid colours are: argent, azure, black, blue, brown, cerulean, crimson, gold, green, grey, indigo, ivory, magenta, maroon, mauve, olive, orange, pink, purple, red, saffron, scarlet, sienna, tan, teal, violet, white, yellow.
Finishes Utilise the workshop stock of finishes to further decorate a frame.
Syntax: FRAME <frame> ALTER FINISH <finish>
Details: Utilising house materials within a carpentry workshop, frames may be covered in a variety of finishes.
Valid finishes are: lacquered, painted, polished, stained, furnished
Coverings Access to workshop fabrics to cut coverings for your frames.
Syntax: FRAME <frame> ALTER COVERING <material>
Details: Using cuts of fabric supplied at carpentry workshops, frames may be covered with a broad array of fine materials.
Valid linings are: cotton, fabric, fur, lace, leather, linen, satin, silk, velvet, wool.
Linings Access to workshop fabrics to cut linings for your frames.
Syntax: FRAME <frame> ALTER LINING <material>
Details: Using cuts of fabric supplied at carpentry workshops, frames may be lined with a broad array of fine materials.
Valid linings are: cotton, fabric, fur, lace, leather, linen, satin, silk, velvet, wool
Specialty Allows for the creation of highly specialised frames.
Details: Your attention to detail and trained eye have allowed for the ability to craft specialty items, allowing for the creation of:
  • Rocker  : 140 wood + 2500gp shop fee
  • Pew  : 260 wood + 3000gp shop fee
  • Swing  : 100 wood + 10000gp shop fee
  • Pedestal: 60 wood + 1000gp shop fee
Materials Use special samples from all across Sapience to add flair to carpentry frames.
Syntax: SAMPLE <specialty material>
Details: The pinnacle of the craft, the carpenter may use samples of special materials collected around Sapience to add an extra bit of flair to their creations.
Valid materials are: alder, amethyst, bamboo, beech, birch, bronze, cedar, cherrywood, cocobolo, copper, coral, crystal, diamond, driftwood, emerald, eucalyptus, glass, wicker, gold, topaz, granite, steel, hazelwood, iron, silver, sapphire, ruby, mahogany, oak, platinum, onyx, pine, opal, pearl
Note: This alteration consumes 5 SAMPLE charges that have been collected.