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The Eventide Alehouse, originally a brewery but now also an eatery, is a restaurant located off of western Serpentis Boulevard in the city of Hashan. Home of the original absinthe and serving Sapience's harder liquors. Harris, the publican, and Fennila, the barmaid, offer to sell Hashan's signature liquors as well as what is rumoured to be Sapience's hardest absinthe, all creations of Berford, the brewer. The alehouse offers a well-stocked bar, a full sit-down restaurant and outdoor dining patio, as well as local entertainment by the beautiful Indira, the snake charmer.

The following is a copy of the menu:


Good food at great prices is what the Eventide Alehouse and Eatery is known for. Take a look at our excellent menu and then choose whatever you like by giving the waitress the amount of gold indicated. You will find delicious entrees, fish, fowl or beef, along with the most scrumptious deserts available anywhere. Many of the dishes are prepared with our very own spirits, brewed right here on the premises. We look forward to your next visit, and enjoy your meal!

Tasur'kan Battered Fish - 335gp
Succulent pieces of fish, lightly battered with our own ale in the mix and cooked to perfection.
Siroccian Splendor - 395gp
Exotic meat cooked slowly until tender and bursting with flavour. Spicy enough to tingle the most hearty of tastebuds, and satisfying enough to fill the largest stomach.
Fowl of the Crown - 355 gp
Roasted in a bath of syrupy dark brew, this bird is juicy and tender. A house special.
The Brewery Special - 420 gp
Succulent, marinated steak served on a bed of mashed potatoes and truffles. A true delight.
Harris' Famous Fried Potatoes - 185gp
Patrons come from far and wide just for a bite of Harris' famous potatoes. These make a great appetiser or side dish to any main course, or can simply be enjoyed all on their own!
Soup of the Day - 200gp
A warm bowl of the soup of the day - read the painted sign in the restaurant to find out what soup we are serving today!
Chocolate Hashan Heaven - 175gp
A chocolate-lover's dream. For those of us with an incurable sweet tooth - this dessert will cure that which ails you!
Blackberry Blizzard - 210gp
Delicate meringue with a sweet blackberry sauce, this is a light dessert that everyone has room for and no one can resist.
Dark Brew Cake - 165gp
A rich, thick cake, great with a glass of ale to wash it all down. More than a dessert, this cake is perfect for sharing.
Hashan Deluxe Chicken Salad - 235gp
This hearty salad is topped with a delicate oil-based dressing and topped with generous, succulent pieces of grilled chicken. Freshest vegetables you'll find anywhere on the continent!

-=Warm Drinks and Cool Cocktails=-

Nocturnus - 125gp
Cool and refreshing, the Nocturnus is for those cool clear nights when all you want to do is gaze at the stars. Berries and cream and mixed into this delicious concoction with just a hint of mystery.
Hot Chocolate - 110gp
Perfect for the long Hashan winters, hot chocolate for the sweet toothed and cold. Warming and delicious, what more could you want?
Strawberry Milkshake - 95gp
Sinful strawberries and delectable cream all mixed to make this desirable drink. Cool and tasty for those rare carefree summer days.
Warm Apple-Caramel Cider - 135gp
With a hint of warm decadence, apple lovers with chilled skin can warm themselves while enjoying this sweet drink, all whilst waiting for the blizzard outside to settle. What more of an excuse do you need to stay in?

-=Harris's Drink Menu=-

Cognac (generous glass snifter) - 150gp
This heavy spirit has a sweet and warming taste; it sits in a pear-shaped glass wide enough to swirl a drink in, as is customary with a fine brandy.
Apricot brandy (generous glass snifter) - 150gp
Apricot brandy is a rich drink that culminates with a long, fruit-filled finish. It sits pear-shaped glass wide enough to swirl a drink in, as is customary with a fine brandy.
Absinthe (cloudy glass tumbler) - 170gp
This sharp-flavoured absinthe is said to be Sapience's hardest drink. It sits in a stout, clear glass tumbler featuring delicate etchings on its underside - a rounded "E" sits just above the simplified likeness of a lion-like lamassu of Hashan.
Bourbon (glass tumbler) - 140gp
The strong bourbon whiskey will glide down anyone's throat with a soothing fire. It sits in a stout, clear glass tumbler featuring delicate etchings on its underside - a rounded "E" sits just above the simplified likeness of a lion-like lamassu of Hashan.
Darkbrew (hefty glass mug) - 140gp
Hashan's signature darkbrew is rich and satisfying. Thick, faintly pearlescent glass constitutes the material construction of the bulky mug it resides in. Utilitarian in design, it is built to hold a foaming pint and perhaps serve as a bludgeoning weapon besides.
Whiskey (shot of Night Terror Whiskey) - 200gp
This unremarkable shot glass contains a rather unpleasant-looking liquid. A deep black, it has the thick consistency of molasses, and the strong, acrid odour of burning flesh lingers about its surface. Thin lines of brilliant crimson shoot through it like lines of burning magma between black slabs of hardened and cooled lava, the intensity of the contrast creating an impression of faint red luminescence. From time to time, the shifting patterns move to create an image that looks vaguely like a pair of burning red eyes on a black background.
Vodka (slender glass of bloody hunter's moon) - 700gp
A thick wedge of lemon, pressed tautly against the smooth walls of a slender glass, shakes delicate droplets of citrus onto the pulpy wash of liquid below. Clanking discordantly against the sides, generous ice cubes chill the tart, crimson mass to a near frozen state. The vibrant odour of strong vodka oppresses the thick mulch of pressed, ripened tomatoes within. Perky green foliage in the form of a thick sheaf of celery sits proudly in the centre of the mixture and pokes out several inches above the rim. Located at the very base of the drink, a dull flash of grey reveals a small, semi-obscured object. A brisk smattering of cracked black pepper swirls slowly atop the beverage, fighting against the gelid fury of the red tide.
Fruit wine (small decanter of Fontis Wine) - 300gp
The glass walls of this small decanter are perfectly clear, smoothly sloping from a slim neck down to a rounded body. A clear rubber stopper closes the decanter's mouth, surmounted by a small decorative glass orb that can be grasped to open the passage. Within, a rosy pink wine sloshes about merrily. Masses of tiny bubbles rim the liquid's surface where it meets the edge of the glass, sparkling like miniature gems, and clouds of slightly darker rose billow within it to create an impression of constant churning.
Gin (small, carved glass of sloe gin) - 250gp
Wafting from the small glass, the scent of ripe sloe berries and sugar blends with the sharp tang of gin. Carved upon the base, a simple and elegant crown decorates the surface.