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Diderich Von Bial, Collector of Antiquities is a collector of antiquities who spends the bulk of his time in a subtly lit vestibule within Hashan's Crown Hall. He offers a range of wares that appeal to the book-lover in adventurers from all walks of Sapience.


Conical iron vial - 400gp
This vial is a rich, lustrous shade of charcoal that is only distinguishable from black upon closest inspection. Cast into the shape of a cone to match the Alchemist's anchor of Hashan, the flat base rises up into its slender and elegant shape. The surface of the vial is perfectly free of decoration, the only flair offered by the stopper, which has been fashioned into the likeness of a crown.
Black leather scroll case capped with gold - 1500gp
Creating the main cylinder, dyed leather the shade of darkest shadow forms the case, the matte surface silky soft to the touch. Capping each end, curved discs of gold embellished with cut onyx and rubies glitter in spectacular contrast to the leather, the shape of a crown stamped into the centre. A simple chain is attached from one end to the other, keeping the caps in place and allowing the case to be worn.
Quill fashioned from a lunalia feather - 550gp
A brilliant plume of shimmering hues, this quill is just over six inches long. The slender, hollow rachis of the quill ends in a whittled nib, suitable for a writing implement and just above where the hand would naturally grasp the shaft is a fluffy ring of soft, white down. As the eye travels up the pinion from base to crest the colours of the lunalia's plumage shift from jungle green to the deep purple of a dwindling dusk and nameless shades in between.
Pair of gold-rimmed glasses - 3500gp
Fashioned from fine gold, the frames of these glasses encircle slightly oval lenses, the delicate bridge allowing them to rest comfortably upon the wearer's nose. Etched along each earpiece, delicate scrollwork causes the metal to glint.
Pair of reading glasses - 3500gp
Carved from ivory, the frame of these glasses holds slender rectangle lenses, and a short bridge allowing them to be worn glints in gold. Scrolling along each earpiece, a delicate latticework of dragon scales adds a touch of beautiful detail.
Ebony manuscript depicting the rising moon - 10000gp
Smooth, bleached pages of goatskin are encased in this manuscript's supple, black leather binding. Decorative tooling adorns the volume's cover in the form of seven silver stars encircling the moon as it rises over the Dome of the Triad and the graceful watch towers of Hashan. Within the cover, tight catgut stitching holds each page firmly in place.
Illuminated parchment scroll - 3000gp
This parchment is fashioned from a thin, wide sheet of lambskin. An intricate, heavily illuminated border surrounds the area set aside for script. Gold, silver, and black pigments depict the triangular Fontis and the cascading pillars of moonlight, darkfire, and dreamflame that languidly issue from the legendary wellspring to encircle the scroll's text.
Black velvet journal embossed with a gold crown - 6000gp
Bound together to form this handsome tome, a thick stack of creamy vellum pages are edged in gold. Fashioned from thin, flexible boards of oleander wood, the cover is enfolded in sumptuous black velvet. Embossed upon the front and back, a regal crown of shining gold gleams with the engravings of the towering trees of the Ithmian forest.
Ink-black journal wreathed in stars - 6000gp
Tanned and blackened unevenly, the leather of this journal resembles the night sky in all its beauty. Worked and etched with magic, the face displays a brilliant array of stars, changing to the many constellations that hang over the great city of Hashan through the Dance of the Vault. Any subtle tilt of the journal causes the constellations to appear to move, shifting through the rearing head of the lion, the cunning snake with glimmering eyes, and the beautifully elegant rose. Nestled within, the opaque pages of purest black glimmer with liquid silver, ready to accept the touch of its owner's quill. Fashioned into the spine of the book, a long silvery ribbon offers the ease of marking one of the pages for future reference and subtly embedded into the leather, a small plaque displays the title of the tome.
Pair of gold pince-nez - 4500gp
Clamping securely to the bridge of the wearer's nose, this pair of pince-nez lacks the earpieces a normal pair of glasses has. Holding the ovoid lenses in place, a simple frame of gold delicately glimmers, while two hinged, spring-loaded plaquettes on the bridge prevent the eyewear from slipping free.
Small wooden glasses case - 3000gp
Carved from a piece of deadfall wood, this small case is large enough to fit only a single pair of glasses inside. Brass hinges allow the lid to be opened and closed with ease. Void of decoration, the surface has simply been polished to a light sheen, allowing the natural beauty to shine through.
Elegant astrolabe inkmill - 3000gp
The lid of this inkmill forms a fully functioning astrolabe, the intricate workings of the device cast in brilliant pure silver. The outer disk is recessed and two scales are carved into the rim, one for measuring hours of the day and the other for measuring degrees of altitude. Inside the disk sits a set of three tympans, each engraved with a series of circles and above them a cutout rete. The body of the mill is simple in shape but engraved with swirling patterns of stars, echoing the constellations of the night sky. A small opening at the bottom with a silver dish below waits ready to collect freshly milled ink.
Black rhodium tinderbox - 500gp
This tinderbox is crafted from solid silver, the smooth plating of black rhodium presenting a matte black finish. Nestled within the protective precious metal frame is flint, steel and a small patch of kindling mixed with potassium salts. Etched on the front of the tinderbox is a delicate engraving of a sundered crown, exposing the silver underneath. When lit, the kindling and salts combine to produce a violet flame, emitting an eerie glow.