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Once an attendant to the stable of El'Jazira, after the destruction of the oasis settlement the inquisitive, young Dahoud, the Stable Boy began to sell camels and other mounts himself.

Dahoud's Wares

Sorrel desert mare -4600gp
Refined and delicate characterizes this well-bred El'Jaziran mare. Her sleek muscles ripple beneath her rich, red coat, and her wavy flaxen tail and mane gleam in even the faintest of light. An arching neck leads to a small but distinctive head from which liquid brown eyes stare out soulfully. Her eyes have an inner fire, reminding you of the spirited nature of the desert horses.
War elephant - 138000gp
The massive form of a war elephant stands before you. Its trunk is raised slightly to sniff the air before it. The muscles and sinew of the animal's legs and shoulders bulge out as it stands ready to do battle. The elephant's ears flap occasionally to cool off its back or flick flies off. The dark eyes of the war elephant are intelligent and look around with an almost knowing gaze.
Proud, black desert stallion - 6900gp
A true black, this high-strung stallion's coat gleams ebon no matter how long it stands under the harsh desert sun. Tall and sleek, this stallion is bred for speed, endurance, and the ability to carry on its breed's distinctive qualities of high-spiritedness, intelligence, and sure-footedness. Black eyes gleam from the stud's handsome face while its wavy black tail and mane almost blend into its coat.
Heavy battle camel - 50000gp
A heavy-set beast bred for meanness, this camel has every bite, spit and snort of its ancestors distilled into one vicious creature that bares its yellowed teeth and stares angrily at you. Created from the larger, bactrian camel, this one has two humps that store its water. Rippling muscle is easily visible behind its short, rough coat, and the legs of this camel look strong and tough.
Dromedary camel - 7500gp
With a tan, shaggy coat like the hair of a coconut, this camel has one great hump on its back, supported almost precariously by spindly-looking legs. Although not the most comfortable method of transport, this animal is perfect for crossing expanses of desert, and some well-placed blankets can make all the difference.