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Affliction Action Herbal Cure Alchemical Cure (***)
Ablaze Apply (*) Mending Renewal
Addiction Eat Ginseng Ferrum
Agoraphobia Eat Lobelia Argentum
Anorexia Apply Epidermal Sensory
Asthma Eat Kelp Aurum
Bleeding Clot
Blindness Apply Epidermal Sensory
Claustrophobia Eat Lobelia Argentum
Clumsiness Eat Kelp Aurum
Concussion Apply Restoration Reconstructive
Confusion Eat Prickly Ash Stannum
Crippled limb Apply Mending Renewal
Damaged limb Apply Restoration Reconstructive
Darkshade Eat Ginseng Ferrum
Deadening Smoke Elm Cinnabar
Deafness Apply Epidermal Sensory
Dementia Eat Prickly Ash Stannum
Disfigurement Smoke Valerian Realgar
Dissonance Eat Goldenseal Plumbum
Dizziness Eat Goldenseal Plumbum
Drowning Eat Pear Calcite
Entangled Writhe
Epilepsy Eat Goldenseal Plumbum
Fear Compose
Freezing Apply Caloric Exothermic
Generosity Eat Bellwort Cuprum
Hallucinations Eat Prickly Ash Stannum
Haemophilia Eat Ginseng Ferrum
Healthleech Eat Kelp Aurum
Hellsight Smoke Elm Cinnabar
Hypochondria Eat Kelp Aurum
Hypersomnia Eat Prickly Ash Stannum
Impatience Eat Goldenseal Plumbum
Internal Trauma Apply Restoration Reconstructive
Justice Eat Bellwort Cuprum
Lethargy Eat Ginseng Ferrum
Loneliness Eat Lobelia Argentum
Lover's Effect Eat Bellwort Cuprum
Masochism Eat Lobelia Argentum
Manaleech Smoke Valerian Realgar
Mangled limb Apply Restoration Reconstructive
Nausea Eat Ginseng Ferrum
Pacifism Eat Bellwort Cuprum
Paralysis Eat Bloodroot Magnesium
Paranoia Eat Prickly Ash Stannum
Peace Eat Bellwort Cuprum
Recklessness Eat Lobelia Argentum
Scytherus Eat Ginseng Ferrum
Sensitivity Eat Kelp Aurum
Shyness Eat Goldenseal Plumbum
Slickness Smoke Valerian Realgar
(also slickness) Eat Bloodroot Magnesium
Stinky Scrub (**)
Stupidity Eat Goldenseal Plumbum
Stuttering Apply Epidermal Sensory
Transfixed Writhe
Vertigo Eat Lobelia Argentum
Voyria Sip Immunity Antigen
Weariness Eat Kelp Aurum
Webbed Writhe

( * ) The unfortunate state of being on fire may also be resolved by finding an available source of water to swim in.

( ** ) To scrub yourself clean, you must first go to a water location.

( *** ) With the coming of trade skills, the techniques for transmuting tonics and balms now yield elixirs and salves.