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Each city has a pair of denizen companions who help guide newbies through their early adventures. These companions are:

City Location Companions
Ashtan The Fire and Spice Nima de Vermiis and Dirax Lucoster
Cyrene The Roadside cafe Trema Xanatov and Drathi Azon
Eleusis The Oastan Eleusia Arixa Stormcrow and Armond Longshanks
Hashan The Eventide Alehouse Zepra Rousseau and Remir Lokelinde
Mhaldor The Worm and Grub Cassara Lichlord and Rathos Aristata
Targossas The Salvaged Spirit Aurena Sa'Rithven and Gaheris Lighthawk

After helping the newbies fight their way out of the pygmy jail cell and enter Achaea proper, they provide encouragement until the newbie defeats the cultists of Great Rock, at which point they declare the newbie a hero over the city channel.