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Leader Thorlis and Frewynne
Religion Ancestor worship
Discoverer Haldor
Enemies The Port of Umbrin
Exports silk, perfume, glass


For reasons unknown, the isle of Colchis has been at war with the Port of Umbrin for as long as the inhabitants can remember.


Colchis sits within the Lothian Reaches of the Eusian Ocean, almost directly north of Tasur'ke and directly south of Umbrin. The north side of the island is a cove and the connecting beach. The eastern side of this cove is reserved for the Colchian military fleet, while fishing vessels are docked on the western side. The beach peters out into a rocky eastern coastline, rising into severe cliffs around the south side of the island. The western shoreline shows signs of assault from Umbrin, with the wreckage of an Umbrin warship preventing pedestrian access to the southern cliffs. The interior of the island rises into a steep hill. A sandstone fortress is located at the top of the hill, where all the Colchians live. Its location allows those within to watch for enemy ships regardless of which direction they approach from.


  • Vray, a fortress servant
  • Thorlis, the Warrior Chieftain
  • Siathana, the Healer
  • Vorin, High Shaman
  • Vendril, Master Assassin
  • Frewynne, the Warrior Chieftess

The Colchian population consists of combatants who live in the fortress, and non-combatants such as fishermen and youths who want to grow up to be warriors.

Those who participate in open conflict with Umbrin follow the tradition of shaving their heads. Warriors are completely bald, while warrioresses are bald save for a ponytail of red hair.

Assassins go cloaked and hooded in brown. Masters of the shadows, they favour archery and daggers.


Colchis culture relies heavily on Shamanism, ancestor worship, and a reverence towards the great grey murre birds and sea serpents of the island.

Flora and Fauna

The great grey murre of Colchis are considered to be birds of omen and prophecy - to see one soar overhead at sunrise foretells a successful battle; if one flies along the beach before a storm, it is an ill omen, and to see a dead one floating in the sea is a rare and auspicious occasion.

Likewise, the sea serpents around Colchis are revered by the people. Considered to be attuned to the ancestors, its venom is sacred and used in rituals to communicate with the ancestors. To slay one is an honour, and its venom is sacred.