Arms of the Tides

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Arms of the Tides is a weapons shop in Riparium. Khodos, the Arms Merchant, forges weapons for the Merfolk as well as for the shop.


Weighted net - 4000gp
This circular net is large enough to cover a person, and the edges are weighted down with heavy lead sinkers. The rope is made of braided kelp and is resistant to tearing and desiccation. A common weapon in the hands of a merman, the use of the net is unknown above the waves.
Bronze shortsword - 5000gp
This simple shortsword has been beaten into shape. The bronze is softer than the usual steel used on the land. The metal does not hold an edge quite as well as steel, though it has the benefit of being exceedingly resistant to underwater corrosion. This sword lacks a crosspiece and is somewhat wavy in shape.
Meric trident - 7000gp
A stout haft of hardened polyp provides the handle for this trident. A head of hammered bronze has been attached to the handle through hardening resins. Three wickedly barbed tines rise from the head, the blades long and cruel-shaped. This weapon is not made for fishing but for war.
Triton's spear - 7000gp
This spear has been simply made but made well. Seven feet in length and with a leaf-shaped bronze blade at the tip, it is somewhat unwieldy for use by itself. Made for use in the gigantic spear formations of the triton armies, it is a cheap weapon that is easy to mass-produce.