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Born on the 2nd of Aeguary, 461 years after the fall of the Seleucarian Empire, Samakhulis is a member of the Ancient Circle of Druids and a dreamer in the Divine Order of Valnurana.


Slightly Cool Accomplishments:

Around 554 AF, Samakhulis was the first adventurer in the modern age to learn the Tsol'dasi language, but the effort was two-fold with Favonius who was not far behind. It must be assumed that they essentially figured it out together, and so the credit must be split evenly. Months later, Samakhulis also traveled with Favonius to the Tower of Falaq'tor, and then years later in 671 AF, having been bitten with an almost Harabazian drive to explore the world, discovered the entrance to and crawled down the Fissure of Echoes. Then upon escaping it, she promptly forgot how utterly dangerous it was and got herself killed mere days later when joining the rest of the brave (or possibly insane) horde that tried to explore its windswept, spiralled descent.