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The rats of Sapience can be found in five of the six city-states - Ashtan, Shallam, Mhaldor, Hashan and Cyrene. The forestal village of Eleusis is lucky enough to be free of the vermin, but is instead inhabited by many types of butterfly.

Rats have limited, yet very important purposes. They can come as a reliable source of income for anyone out to make some easy gold, or as food for falcons of Knights. The process of hunting and slaying rats is known as ratting.

Rat Types

There are five types of commonly seen and sought-after rats. Each of these are accepted by the various rat collectors around the cities, in return for a gold reward.

Baby rat - 7 gp 
An infant rat, barely growing hair yet. Almost pet-worthy.
Young rat - 14 gp 
Not an infant, not an adult. A teenager in adventurers' years, if you will.
Rat - 21gp 
An adult grey rat. Enjoys scamping through the sewers and garbage. Dislikes: newbies.
Old rat - 28gp 
The battle-scarred old man of the rat world.
Black rat - 35gp 
Black-furred and red-eyed. The thug of all rats.

Rat Locations

Rats can be found in the streets, shops, stockrooms, subdivisions and sewers of every city-state, barring Eleusis.

Rat Collectors

Each city-state with rats also has one rat collector to take care of the vermin. Simply approach one of these collectors, and they will take your offerings without any qualms, paying you in return.