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Han-Silnar, the Pawn was a leading Aldar who fought on the side of the Triumvirate during the War of Humanity. Like many of the Aldar, he looked down upon the young race of humans, viewing them as fit only to serve despite the decree by Proteus that they were not to be ruled.

As protege of Khalas, who was in the early stages of allying with Lorielan and Agatheis against the other gods, Han-Silnar hoped to convince his brothers Han-Tolneth and Dekalb (also leaders of the Aldar) to support the cause of the Triumvirate. Wavering back and forth, his hand was finally forced by Lorielan and he ordered the mass slaughter of nearly all the Aldar in what is known as the Great Betrayal before fully joining the forces of the Triumvirate.

Following the war, Han-Silnar was banished to the Crystal Plane to spend eternity in servitude to Lorielan.

The tragic exertions of the Aldar are reimagined in the Han-Silnar battle figurine.