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Leader King Iasius
Religion Vastar
Founder Vastar
Discoverer Nijias Oloren
Allies The Divine Order of Vastar
Enemies The Divine Order of Neraeos

Arcadia is the city of origin of the Atavian race. Located upon the floating mountain isle of Erymanthus, it is said to resemble a shining jewel on the southern face of the mountain.

(see also Genji)


The architecture of Arcadia is extremely unique with its five-tiered design, vertically arranged for ease of travel for the winged locals. Each level is dedicated to a different aspect and class of the city.

T'er Aventine

The first and the lowest tier of Arcadia is the slum district of the city. The impoverished class of the city remains on this level save the occasional beggars who wander the upper tiers looking for alms.

T'er Caelian

This is the second tier and the level through which visitors to the city first enter. Ramean the Gatekeeper guards the main gate to the city and is the first Arcadian Atavian to be seen. A middle-class section, this is where the farmers and grocers hawk their produce.

T'er Palatium

Surrounded by a vigilant patrol and guarded by a powerful Cloud Serpent named Chenubis, the Arcadian palace is located on this third and middle tier. Noblemen and bureaucrats walk the streets while the royal family resides within the palace walls.

T'er Visayus

The fourth tier is the shopping district of the city. Various upper-class shops line the streets, as well as an auction stand, with merchants and other wealthy shoppers passing by.

T'er Briham

The fifth tier is the scholars' tier, home to the Arcadian Athenaeum. This is where the students and philosophers of Arcadia are found. It is also via this tier that a path further up the mountain may be accessed to reach the Arcadian Temple of Vastar.

Royal Family

The Arcadian Royal Family consists of the king Iasius, queen Clytemnestra, princess Atlantia and princes Dardaenus and Elatus. The mark of the royal family is the blue-green hue of their eyes. It is believed that the king married into the family as he lacks this mark.

Points of Interest

Some notable points of interest within the city of Arcadia:

  • Caelian Park: This public park may be visited on the second tier of the city.
  • The Ikesian Galleria: Located on the fourth tier of the city, the galleria houses a variety of stores. Here, adventurers may shop for a variety of handcrafted toys or make use of a journal customisation service.
  • The Arcadian Academy and Aetheneum Archives: Situated on the fifth tier of the city, the Aetheneum is home to scholars and researchers, and the academy is where Arcadians receive their education.
  • The Temple of Vastar: Filled with the musical sound of windchimes, the temple sits atop the peak of Mount Erymanthus. At the very peak of its Sky Tower resides the healer-priestess, Cassandra.


  • The Limping Imp Tavern is in the poorer part of town and is host to various undesirable customers, but offers strong liquor such as whiskey and tequila.
  • A bakery on the second tier of the city offers bread, biscuits, and chocolate milk.
  • The Blue Feather Cafe near the Ikesian Galleria serves wine and light refreshments.


Aside from the various merchants, guards, and nobles found along the streets or in the skies above Arcadia, there are a few notable citizens worth mentioning: