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The Unnamables are the Chaos Plane's answer to classical knighthood. Practising Weaponmastery and wielding the fell powers of Anathema and Dominion they stand as a bane to all of ordered Creation.

Each of these warriors of Chaos learn to channel its energies into physical mutations, manifesting within their very body the glory of the Unnamable Horror itself. Flesh is a mere plaything to such fighters, for it can do naught but bend to their unhinged will.

Casting aside the fetters of knighthood, Unnamables revel in the frenzy of combat, take joy in wanton destruction, and delight in wracking their foes with horrors undreamed of. With the terrible might of Chaos seething within their twisted frames, the Unnamables will usher in the Ascension of Ashtan at any cost.