Nyeli, a little girl of Eleusis is the young daughter of farmhands Ceredic and Erine. With a basket in the crook of her arm, she diligently sells the produce grown by her family in the lower fields on the western side of the village.

Nyeli's Wares

Bulb of garlic - 50gp
Wrapped in a flaky skin, a score of plump cloves form the rounded shape of a garlic bulb.
Wild leek - 50gp
Dark sheathes protect the inner flesh of a wild leek, the roots still muddied from its time within the earth. Freshly picked, the vegetable emits a pungent scent.
Large carrot - 50gp
Bright orange in hue, a long root forms the bulk of a freshly picked carrot. Green stalks protrude from the very top of the vegetable, dirtied with earth.
Handful of raspberries - 50gp
A deep, vivid crimson, these raspberries promise a flavour as vibrant as their colour. Small, bumpy clusters make up the fruit itself, oozing a bit of juice if squeezed.
Bunch of mint leaves - 50gp
A small bunch of greenish-purple leaves clusters in a bunch, the stalks freshly cut away from the main plant.
Large, fresh potato - 50gp
Long tendrils protrude from the pale surface of a large potato, tangled with clumps of earth. Roughly round in shape, the vegetable possesses numerous knots across its uneven surface.
Handful of wheat grain - 50gp
Freshly harvested, a generous pile of grain is all that remains of a once towering wheat plant. Loose, and unground, tiny remnants of husk cling to the seeds.
Handful of blackberries - 50gp
Dark and glossy, a handful of blackberries rest plump with ripened goodness, near bursting with juice.
Small pumpkin - 50gp
Bright orange in hue, a small pumpkin possesses a tough, outer rind. A green stalk protrudes from the top, dwindling into a tight curl.
Husked cob of corn - 50gp
Shucked from a larger source, a hefty corncob bears an abundance of golden kernels. A leaf husk protects the plump seeds, wispy with silken tendrils.
Plump orange - 50gp
The juicy flesh of a fresh orange lingers beneath a rough, textured rind, it's fiery casing decidedly tough.
Fresh head of cabbage - 50gp
Large, light green leaves spread out from the wrapped centre of a head of cabbage, dappled in tiny droplets of dew. The scent of fresh greenery clings to the vegetable.
Ripe, juicy plum - 50gp
Deep, purple skin protects the richly honeyed flesh of a round, firm plum. Large and juicy, the fruit possesses a sickly-sweet scent.
Red apple - 50gp
Freshly picked, a large apple possesses a deep, red hue. Sweet flesh lies beneath its outer skin, juicy and crisp.