Zeuris and his Forever-lasting Bread

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By: Deli Posted on: September 29, 2006

Venturing beyond the thickets of Vashnar Mount
Pass the waving willows and Mhaldor's Crown
Deep into the forest, the quiet ancient myth
Around the living Tsol'aa town where she lives

The rivers sprouting along the forest ridges,
Feeding silently the forest with nature rich
Redwood trees, unusually high and civilized
Unlike the reaching stalks surrounding the site

Though it is approaching close to frigid night
Redwood giants glow with actions and light
Though a traveler like I, traversing far
Never had experience ‘tis moment of grand delight.

Guards waiting on deck, courteous and shielded
Beneath where the sleeping queen nap on living weald
Though something intrigues me is not its charm
The smell of bread, diluted, and alarmed,

Not close to a gormet, tender and golden
Thinned out a mystery in its make, throughout the vast Aalen
A smell so deep and obscure in every ways,
But the actual treasure's worth is in its long lasting days.

Following the pervasive scent to heart of redwood,
Glowing softly, strong with the obscurity awaits
Follow the steps that lead up the source
Of the strong scent that tumbles your thoughts with drools
To think of some bread that's merely cruel
Living in heart of a dense Aalen wood

A confined figure with her arms on her hips then pan,
Intruding into the heart of the wood as steam makes her bread
A look on her face, wrinkle with hard effort and sweat
Frustrated to find her masterpiece not a masterpiece
Arms crossed with thoughts of retrying again.

Zeuris, An unusual colorful Tsol'aa baker of Aalen
Ginger curled nest, flour-tinted head
Look and proves to be the profession of bread
Many bright color around her waist
Quite strange indeed for a professional baker
But no one can make breads truly like her

Zeuris, with a smile, wipes away all looks of frustration,
Of her long failure of refining the bread taste,
Sees a new customer, as she might have expect,
With a little gold, her bread is put into test

"It lasts forever," she reassures, waving the red-baked bread
Waybread, to be exact, the miracle of science
Her secret led to its specialty, lasting long hours, months, years
Fortunately, a good news for long travelers’ ears
Forever, It'll last, a rather tough and faulty gamble.
A miracle of science is yet needed to be refined.

But no one like her, Zeuris, a talented baker,
Consciences of the art of professioning
Miracles that last merely forever
As reassuring as Zeuris said,
Into a incredible wonderful waybread