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Yuli, a bubbly shopkeeper, tends to her shop in the village of Ka'doloki. The childhood friend of Jala, Yuli finds her friend's crush on Salyn, the town guard, amusing.


Oyster shot glass - 20gp
Sloshing inside this plain snifter of dulled green sea glass, a grey oyster floats in sweet-smelling, chilled vodka. The freshly shucked mollusk has been poured into the container, accompanied by its natural, intoxicating liquors and then alcohol has been used to fill the glass's remainder. Lemon has been squeezed atop the cold drink, and a slender piece of rind floats decoratively on top of the liquid. Vodka sloshes about in it.
Brandy cocktail in a half shell - 30gp
A white ribbon decorates the rough side of this halved coconut shell, strung with two tiny pink scallop seashells. Inside, a mixture of smooth white coconut milk has been shaken with chilled Ka'dolokian brandy, along with traces of sweet banana liqueur. A small stick with a starfish motif top has been skewered through a fresh piece of coconut, leaned against the rim of the shell. Cocktail sloshes about in it.
Platter of opaque puffer fish - 50gp
Laid out carefully on a smooth seashell platter, this elaborate serving of rare puffer fish has been cut thinly with accurate precision, sliced to avoid contamination from the creature's deadly poison. Each piece is triangular in shape, having a soft, slippery texture and translucent white colouring that emits no smell. Though seemingly prepared to perfection, a note has been carefully pinned to the top piece of fish, reading "Sample with care."
Shark fin soup - 50gp
Brimming the edge of a plain white ceramic bowl, a warm serving of saffron-coloured soup smelling richly of ginger and dry sherry sloshes around. Boiled and mixed with the fine ingredients, a portion of shark fin has been added to the meal, having little taste and a soft, rubbery texture. Curly shreds of green onions float on the soup's surface, mingling amid small brown mushrooms.
Iridescent nautilus shell vase - 1575gp
Undaunted by decoration, this large, delicate nautilus shell has a curved form, curling around itself in a seamless spiral pattern that resembles a snail's shell. The exterior is an iridescent, rainbow-like pattern of purples, pinks, and white, and the surface is ridged with small vertical folds. A fluted opening at the piece's top allows a bouquet of flowers to be held within the shell's pearly interior, and a simple wooden stand holds the vase upright.
Delicate seashell windchimes - 600gp
Affixed upon a round piece of smoothed coconut wood, this delicate wind chime hosts several tinkling strands strung on sun-bleached fibers, each varying in length. An assortment of scallops, conchs, and shark eye shells are attached to the threads, coloured in pale pinks, peaches, and white. Interlaced between the baubles are multi-hued glass beads, along with tiny dried starfish.
Striped beach towel - 500gp
Crafted from finely woven material, this long beach towel is rectangular in shape, having slightly fringed edges of alternating red and white. It is patterned with vertical stripes of the same ivory and red fibers, each strip several inches thick. Detailed on the lower corner of the towel is a five-pointed starfish, embellished with fine flaxen thread.
Peach seashell pipe - 200gp
Gingerly crafted from fine seaside materials, this handsome pipe curves gracefully, beginning with a bent pipe stem and shank formed from orange amber. A dried golden starfish has been carefully softened and affixed to the shank, allowing its legs to curl around the rounded exterior. Two peach scallop seashells create the pipe's bowl, both hooked together naturally, and an opening has been whittled into their ridged tops, allowing inner steam to escape easily in oval-shaped smoke rings.
Sweet-smelling orchid lei - 200gp
Numerous orchids have been strung onto this simple cord, slipped easily over one's neck in a flowing garland of fragrant flowers. Each blossom has soft petals, ranging in bright colours of pink, white, green, and red. Black and orange dots speckle several of the lei's blooms, and tinkling peach scallop seashells have been strung between a few of the orchids.
Lavender coral votive - 250gp
A piece of dried, pale lavender coral has been used to make this delicate votive, having several curving arms that rise up elegantly around the piece's circular base. Placed in the centre of the rock-like fixture is a small white candle, which flickers with mesmeric light when lit, allowing the votive to mimic the appearance of reefs swaying gently in the ocean's torrents.