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Ysvour, the hoarder, is an old man who lived in the House estate of the Shadowsnakes. All of his belongings are attached to his body, including the blades at the ends of his fingers; he is thus the image of cluttered eccentricity.

Currently he resides in the House estate of the Esoteric Consortium.

Ysvour's Discontinued Wares

a jade scabbard
This short scabbard has an open pattern of sinuous serpent forms coiling, striking, and writhing, carved in the jade all along its length. The opening of the scabbard is carved to resemble the gaping maw of a snake with fangs bared, so that the blade this scabbard is meant to carry is clenched in the mouth of the serpent.
a small, spiked lip labret
Merely a slender, wicked spike of silver, this labret is to be worn just below the lower lip, the point of the slightly curved spike protruding a short way through the skin puncture.