When the Sky Rained Fire

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By: Mulkerrin Posted on: October 27, 2006

When madness left the world bereft
His forge had long lain cold
Though numbers grew who thought they knew
Souls who had never been

Then Hammer fell, a star to tell
The word of his return.
Came back to ground his power bound
Within his own emblem

From prison freed by horn'd steed,
(Released himself as virtues bade)
The warning came, Immortals' game
Upon which he had tread

The Gods decreed events unseen,
Heed not the memories of man.
Yet sketchings bore forgotten lore
Emergent once again

In dreams he'd been, woke mortal sin
While none knew how nor why
'Til He came forth and wind of North
Arise as his claimant

The skies were rent, their fury spent
Cloak all the world in white.
As lightning rained and stormclouds feigned
The gift of Deucalion

Forced beauties name or cloven frame
On nothing more than whim
And from the sky a chest inscribed
With signs of coming doom

The key they crave, from Mhunna's grave
Released a flaming shaft
Broke crystal pane, the pupae slain
And all who dwelled within

Now once again a chest descends,
To unleash blood and fire...
And Hashan burned
And Hashan burned
A towering funereal pyre

At the very end the past would mend
And finally reconcile
A new world start as shadow, part,
Reborn Aetolian