Vision of War

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By: Rakon Posted on: September 25, 2006

Breaking the calm air one warm afternoon, the pounding thumps of the Drums of War echo across the battlefields. Towards the location of the Temple of War, a line of torches appear up the path to a large building. Almost appearing from thin air and within the crevice of a mountian, the building shimmers into view, resembling a small chapel. Through the doorway, the visage of a knight can be seen. Clad in blood stained armour, the knight stoically raises his gaze and a sudden immense pain sears through your very being. All goes dark and the vision is lost.

Hurrying quickly to the Sirrocians, Aegeans explores the area for the crimson clad knight of the vision. Upon finding the chapel seen in the vision, one enters. An Aegean knight, encased in a series of interlocking plates, and shrouded with a flowing red cloak, stands within. A crisp salute greets the knight upon entry. As he slowly raises his head, the eyes of the knight glow fiercely from beneath a crested war helm, and blood begins to drip from his eyes.

Heralding a quick response, "What is the matter, oh knight?", asks an Aegean.

An Aegean knight utters in a low tone, "I have been made to see."

"But to see what?", comes the query.

Crackling with black energy, the knight responds, "The way."

The knight moves his head, and stares directly at the Aegean.

"Do you not see it there?", the knight asks.

Striding out the doorway of the temple, a trail of blood rains down beneath the armour of the knight. As the Aegean army watches, the knight raises his arm slowly. He points off towards the east and droplets of blood cascade down from the knights' outstretched arm.

His voice almost inaudible the knight says, "There, beyond the chapel."

Staring past the chapel walls, "There is nothing there.", the Aegean says.

"When your eyes are open," entones the knight, "Then you will see."

Dispersing quickly, the scouts explore the entire area, around and behind the chapel as far as one could go. Shifting his hand to the hilt of his blade, the Aegean knight methodically enters the chapel once again.

"My eyes are open," says the Aegean, as he looks at the knight, "Though they do not bleed."

As streaks of lightning criss-cross his armour, the knights' voice grows deeper, as words trickle out of his mouth almost chanting, "In blood, you will be reborn." His voice crackles, but the knight continues, "On the Eve of the Blood Moon, after the Longest Day."

The black energy surrounding the knight sharpen, his eyes flare again beneath his helm, "Your eyes will be opened." The voice seems to eminate from around the knight, growing louder with every word. "The Crimson knight will rise, from the ashes of defeat."

The voice continues, though the source is not from the knight, but rather seeming to be from the very consciousness of all present. "Hail the Dark Rider! Hail the Bringer of Desolation!"

The Aegean knight falls to his knees, his blade and shield clattering upon the blood soaked, stone ground within the chapel. His gaze lowered, the voice escapes from knight again as he mutters, "The Blood Moon... Will rise..." A small twitch in the helm of the knight, "The Dancing Blade will sing...Prophecy fulfilled...the rebirth.."

The knight's head rises, his gaze coming to rest up, and on those who stand around him. In a low-guttural tone, the knight speaks again.

"From the ashes...."

A blood soaked hand reaches up towards his helm, and in a swift movement the knight pulls off his faceplate. Within his helm, reveals not the face of a proud knight, but instead the dark visage of the undead Slith. Blades drawn and in a flash, the Aegeans move to decend upon the so called prince.

The knight bursts into a flaming pillar of fire, leaving only a small pile of ash behind.

A boisterous voice embodies around the chapel, ""From the ashes...."