Vellis- Early Adventures

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By: Keegan Posted on: September 21, 2006

While wanderin' one day in my youth,
I met a man long in the tooth.
His name was Vellis, was not Ruth,
Yet ruthless he was not.

Young and dashing, he once was,
At least he claimed, seeking applause.
He had a problem now because
Too old he was to catch.

"Catch what?" I asked him, most confused.
His eyes lit up, strangely enthused,
He grabbed a net that looked well used.
"Butterflies!" he yelled.

He pushed the net into my hand,
"Surely now you understand,
Go out and search all of the land,
For butterflies," he said.

And with a very knowing smile,
he tapped his nose, waited a while.
"Of gold I'll give you a great pile."
And with that, off I went.

Searched Minia, this way and that,
Pixies, imps, a crazed hellcat.
I struggled to avoid combat.
My net, it did grow heavy.

Next destination, Pash Valley.
Found antelope to my great glee,
then cheetahs I found roaming free.
A few butterflies I caught.

The Savannah next, a strange place.
The butterflies, I had to race.
They moved at a much quicker pace,
along the plains and grasslands.

Eleusis next, I must explain
Ducked in for shelter from the rain.
A lady there named Sheriff Aine.
She admired my collection.

Darkness soon covered the sun,
And back to Vellis I did run.
The net now weighed almost a tonne,
A slight exaggeration.

The net, I handed back to Vellis.
He smiled with not a trace of malice
Sat back, a king within his palace.
"Thankyou so much" he said.

"Just this morn, you were untrained
Think of the knowledge you have gained!"
I left, but Vellis, he remained
Visit him someday.