Unanswered Prayers

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By: Sancero Posted on: March 30, 2006

~ a triptych of supplications: the first of a Bard to his lost Patron; the
second of Lord Scarlatti to His unattainable love; the third of Lady Selene to
those who would seek Her realm.

-The Bard's Invocation-

Dear Scarlatti our Lord,
forgive all artless words
that are spoken and heard
this day.

And may those that cause pain,
or Your teachings profane,
by Your grace, once again
slip away.

May Your hand guide my quill.
May my words speak Your will.
May Your passion and poise fill
my heart.

Though You sleep, You are there,
and in Your dreams I share.
Please Lord, hear the sweet prayer
of this Bard.

-Scarlatti's Farewell-

Selene, in Your name,
I forever proclaim
that My soul is aflame
with Your praise.

I would give You My heart,
give You all the world's art,
that I never might part
from Your gaze.

But deprived of Your grace,
and Your tender, soft face,
into mortal embrace
I fell.

My darling, My dove,
for whom all of My love
simply was not enough:

-Selene's Plea-

By commandment divine,
all things lovely and fine
in this realm, they are Mine
to endure.

Yet I could not divide
the immortal inside
to become the Bard's bride

Only faint memories
drift about on the breeze
as they carry My pleas

Humble mortals below,
may your timid hearts know
that in heartbreak we grow
stronger still.