Tribute to Ulangi

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By: Kenshee Posted on: September 22, 2006

Ulangi, oh Ulangi,
Why art thou so wealthy?

Horkvals and Grooks inhabit your belly,
Animals and plants match them so beautifully,
Quest here, quest there, quest everywhere,
Whose gold and rewards I wouldn't share.

Oh honeydew, you're as sweet as can be,
To the larva, I present thee,
Still and silent as it latches on,
Give to Balai, and a guard is born.

Experience is earned, gold too,
I'd continue questing, if I were you.

With the pendant in my hand,
My purpose noble and true,
In front of the Stag I stand,
Whom later I slew.

A hunter's loss, my next task,
Searching high and low for a wooden flask,
An angry badger, feisty and bold,
Hindering me from completing my goal.

I say to myself, "I'm not yet finished."
Another quest I have to accomplish.

Arrogant pheasants, here and there,
Oh my goodness! They're everywhere!
Horkval Queen, feeling famished,
I better catch them before they vanish!

Spoils and riches across your lands,
In time, with effort, will it be in my hands.