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Travelling shop carts happen to be just what they sound like: a temporary mobile shop on wheels. They can be assembled from a wooden box of parts, which is sometimes found in promotional Logosmas stockings, a globe of shifting continents, and giftbags. Shop carts can be stocked with up to 100 items at a time and last only 7 months once assembled though their well-moulded handles allow them to be pushed from location to location. Their lengths of brassy bells nailed along their boxy wooden frames jingle and jangle as as they move. Unlike normal shops, shop carts only have modest inventory space for stock and do not store the gold which buyers spend there. Profits for each item immediately wing its way to the cart owner via carrier dove upon purchase of their wares.

Owner commands:

CART PRICE <item> <amount>
CART MOVE <direction>

Buyer commands:

CART PROBE <item> 
CART BUY <item>