The Tale of Nissandar

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By: Asara Posted on: February 26, 2007

Let me tell a story true
Of gallant pride and fair virtue
Of festive meats with wines to drink
And mortal charms of maiden pink.
In empires deep where fins doth fare
There lived a King of noble air
Who ruled without a Queen, alas
Though young, he let the years that pass
Go by without distress and yes
This merman strong and fortune blessed
Was gracious as a king should be
As regal ruler of the sea.
A mighty King was Nissandar
With riches besting Zanzibaar
And wise was he despite his youth
With fighter's fame and priestly truth
With scales that shone like jewels bright
His massive girth a cause for fright.
Why should a merman such as this
Not hold a wife and lover's bliss?

One day did Nissandar proclaim,
"A hunt today is what I'll claim!
The mighty blessings Lupus names
Will grant us triumph with our game.
In fellowship, my fair support
We shall not shy away from sport!"
And so did warriors of his court
Turned in their spears for javelins short.
And mounted up with bridles gold
On hippocampi swift and bold
They spurred their mounts towards the east
To help their king slay worthy beasts.
Through coral mountains they did ride
Kelp forests too, though they had tried
To find a kraken or a shark
They did not find a beast to mark
As targets worthy of their hunt
Or cause enough for lance tips blunt.
And Nissandar, fair king is he
On chariot pulled by seahorse three
Did frown and say, "Fair lords, alas!
Our present hunt falls short. Repass
Back to the hills and we shall rest.
We'll wait until the time is best
To start the hunting once again.
We'll have our good successes then."
Thus company turned and back they went
To rest at Nissandar's consent.

But as the King lay down to break
His mind the Dreamworld then did take
And through the grey mists there he saw
A lady fair, of worthy awe.
Her hair a lustrous amber shade
That fell in curls for this mermaid
Her slender shoulders smooth and fine
Her heart-shaped face and lips divine
And tail of shining ruby's red
That ends in flowing, graceful stead.
So beautiful was she, this girl
That Nissandar found love unfurled.
So thus the King awoke with start
And could not quell his beating heart.
And home he went, Riparium
To see what this dream shall become
And no one knew why he did thus
But knew it well not to discuss.

A few days passed and mesmerized
Was Nissandar. He realized
That off to search the King should go
To find the maid his dreams had showed.
To ancient Scyros thus he went
But no luck there for his time spent.
And next to Phocia, land of war
But found there knights and nothing more.
To Aegos then, barbaric state
But empty-handed was his fate.
To Lothos too, Dardonos Bay
'Cross chasms deep and Lemnos 'way
To Borak's icy waters chilled
His mission always unfulfilled.
He marched across the Eusian Sea
Through Caspia's gates and territ'ry.
Yet years had passed and what he sought
Was futile work and all for naught
And soon the weary King grew faint
He'd searched and searched without restraint.
His sleep and food was shunned, despised
The shallow gauntness of his eyes
Accompanied his sorrowed state
With fallowed face, like ashes pale
A circumstance thus to bewail.
"Woe to me who saw that girl!
With lovely shape and eyes like pearls
I shall despair and must distress
And have no more of happiness!"
And thus King Nissandar laments
For lack of Mayan Providence.

Riparium, the home of Kings
Of serfs and knights and lordly things
And there lay Nissandar abed
With meat and drink and ample bread.
Although his strength had regained slow
His mind was distant, spirits low.
But lo! A conch horn sounds from high
And mermen scurry to comply
To startling news that had swept back
To him. The city's been attacked!
Then up leaps Nissandar with ease
To guard his people of the seas.
"It's landwalkers! Those selfish swine!
Uncouth and crude, and weak of spine.
Here to rob with greedy hands
We shall not bow to their demands."
So out rode Nissandar by strength
With mighty trident long of length
The wicked gleaming of its tips
A brilliant shield within his grip.
But much to the young King's surprise
They were not landfolk in disguise
But other mermen, evil, foul
Perhaps for loot they came to prowl.
On charged Nissandar with speed
Behind him mermic knights of deed
And smashed they did on raider's heads
Soon more than half of them were dead.
He chased them past the city bounds
Back to their lair of gold profound
And slaughtered them with Shaitan's wrath
Past sorrows fueling this bloodbath.

And as the last foul merman fell
Came king upon a stunning belle
With amber hair and royal grace
And utter hatred on her face.
King Nissandar then withered pale
When he saw her great crimson tail
He sank down deep in misery
And saw the dream mermaid was she.
"You vile pig! And cry you should!
You killed my blood and livelihood!
I thought you were a cordial king
And so I've heard what muses sing
But merciful and is what they croon
Not cruel and brutal, selfish tunes.
I'll kill myself with mine own hands
Unless you suffer my demands!"
Thus Nissandar did comprehend
His hasty acts to condescend
And out of character was he
Than what he was supposed to be.
He said, "My lady, shame on me
My rage did get the best of me
Dishonour I do thus avow
Beseech of you, I do, right now
To tell me what you'd like begun
And with my pow'r it shall be done."

Then tears streamed down the lady's face
And all was silent in that place.
Then through her lashes she did peek
And opened up her lips to speak,
"I hope these deaths are rectified
Make penitence for those who died.
Admit your shameful deeds to those
Who worship you at home and chose
To follow you in act today.
And for my family, I pray
You give them pardon too, for while
I don't condone their actions, sooth
You've done the worse, and that is truth.
And what will now become of me?
To live alone within this sea?
Your honour you've to yet restore.
Refrain from these acts evermore."
Then Nissandar knelt down to her
And humbly proffered to confer,
"My gentle maid, I offer you
My dignity and kingship true.
Once long ago I had a dream
A woman held in high esteem
Was what I saw, and striking too.
But it was only a preview
Of what I see now here with me
Her countenance so beautifully
Reflects the splendour she portrays
And honour that she speaks, conveys
I vowed that with me she'd abide
And soon to marry as my bride!
But years I searched to find her, all
My efforts were in vain. Downfalls
And sorrow I did suffer, yes
Confessed I did under duress
That if I'd stop, perchance, thereby
Until I found her, I would die!
So now I offer unto you
My kingship for your good purview
I give you my home to be yours
To justly rule in peace and wars.
My vision told me you are apt
My subjects shall not suffer trapped
In lying motivation or
A lack of food or sovereigns poor.
And in this while I'll place myself
Upon the mercy of thyself.
I'll be flogged daily in bold view
And fast 'til I am bone, tissue.
Until I satisfy your due
I'll stay in prison. Your fam'ly
Will travel home with you and me.
I'll grant a noble burial
With eulogies so aerial
Or if I may be granted rights
I'll seek out Sapients day and night
For those who have devotion's gift
To resurrect, or grove rez swift.
I'll brave the dry land up above
To find these wielders and your love.
And though I'll risk myself I say
That my respect utmost today
Is what you'll have forever more
From deepest sea to shining shore
If you'll accept my offer here
And of myself to you endear."

And so the lady answered thus,
"If you do all these things discussed
And fully without coming short
I will come with you to your court.
But know that pow'r won't buy my trust
And broken words will earn disgust.
My blood restored, my honour gained
So prove yourself despite your fame
For essence great or good karma
Or me - my name is Takliea."
So back they went and twelve long years
Did Nissandar do penance drear.
Yet afterwards for the deceased
In Sapience he found a priest
Who back to life by powers great
Restored her fam'ly; gone her hate.
And both by her and his decree
Was peace promised and thus agreed
For those past robbers. And surprise
It is (or not) that King did win
Takliea's heart and did begin
A reign of great prosperity
For 'parium under the sea.

Or did he? With his chosen lot
Infallible are mortals not.
The Queen Takliea, reminisced
Of dying lover Fyanthis.
And bitter Prince Nishir who learns
Of magic sinister to earn
Great glory, like the landwalkers
Who plague the depths like crazed stalkers.
And the Nerai always around
The politics of seafolk bound
For doom, or greater destiny?
Slow time will only let us see.
But if you wish to learn some more
Divulge in exploration, lore
Go visit our vast eastern sea
Partake of great discovery
And find that though my tale ends here,
There's more beyond the deep frontier.