The Pachacacha Cha-cha

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By: Eitheladar Posted on: April 26, 2006

The day is looking mighty fine -
Come with me to Malusine!
Buy some bait, a pole and line,
and we'll do the Pachacacha cha-cha!

To the river we will go,
In rain or shine, wind or snow;
I'll show you all the moves I know
doing the Pachacacha cha-cha.

We'll bait our hooks with crabs or shrimps.
We won't use minnows - them's for wimps
Who go for fish the size of imps -
too small for the Pachacacha cha-cha.

Don't go baiting with mudsucker:
It just snaps your line, that mothe---
---The Divine voice of Clementius echoes in your head, "Language!"
Hey, I just meant, it brings bad luck! Er...
shall we resume the Pachacacha cha-cha?

Cast southeast? Cast northwest?
Survey and find out where is best!
If it's too sparse don't be depressed -
flow with the Pachacacha cha-cha.

Cast and tease, jerk and reel,
Let those fish your power feel...
And hope that no thieves come to steal
while we're doing the Pachacacha cha-cha.

Bait and cast, tease and jerk,
Isn't that exciting work?
Repeat until you go berserk,
now that's the Pachacacha cha-cha.

We'll catch some crappie, trout and walleye,
And if they're large enough - that's all I
Need to make a hefty haul! Aye:
it pays to do the Pachacacha cha-cha!

What didja say? We've fished it clean?
There's no more fish 'round to be seen?
Well! That can only one thing mean...

It's time for the Urubamba samba!