The Hunt Begins

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By: Johanna Posted on: May 03, 2007

The last stars linger in faint repose on the horizon's rim
Awaiting the moment when dawn's breaking shall depose them
The forest slumbers, sleeps, it dreams
Beneath the leafy bower all is calm, or so it seems
Somewhere something, someone stalks
The Pack has stirred and a Hunter walks
Muscles taunt and tense to spring
She moves in silence, disturbing not a thing
Until at last into a clearing she should suppose
And assumes a vigilant, watchful repose.

Seconds, minutes, hours pass alone
With nary a whisper, dawn grows into her own
As the darkness parts, retreats, receeds
Among the clearing's thrush and reeds
Where once was one there now are few
The loner now with retinue
One Pack, one Purpose, one Prize in grasp
Thus the Hunt commences, at long last.

Once assembled the Pack do not tarry
Muscles taunt they seek their quarry
With lethal grace they hunt as one
First prey now spotted, the Hunt's begun
Creeping, crawling, crouching low
Drawing sword, notching bow
Arrow flies, thorns rend true
Unawares, the beast howls in pain
It rages, furies, unrestrained.

All day long hunt wanes and waxes
Claw and tooth 'gainst swords and axes
Hunters patiently hold their ground
In the eyes of their prey, desperation is found
Sensing the falter, the Pack lunges in
With one accord they rip sinew from skin
The fell beast roars, falls and grows still
The Pack roars in triumph at its first kill.