The Garden of the Arts

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By: Mardosi Posted on: January 29, 2007

In the humble city of Cyrene
The Muses, imortalized in stone do stand
In a garden, beautiful and pristine
A sacred place for artists throughout the land

In a jungle, merry and exotic
The smell of Eucalyptus fills your noses
And among the many coloured orchids
Euterpe plays her flute, wreathed in roses

The grasses gently sway from here to there
Blown by a silent air about the glade
Melpomene, with a deep and mournful stare
Crouches oe'r her charge with utmost care

You cannot help but laugh as you enter
The mirthful grove of the Muse of Comedy
Thalia, the Flourishing welcomes all
Into her home of joyous vitality

A garden made of rock is the sweet home
Of Polyhmnia and her Divine song
A myriad of whitish-coloured stones
Brings peace to all that walk upon the lawn

Visions of Epic Glory fill your mind
As you walk into the yellow-rose filled place
Calliope, her lips forever parted
Greets you with a romantic heroine's gaze

Grinning as you enter her domain
Terpischore dances her eternal dance
A plain freckled with many pastel flowers
With room for dancers of all sizes to prance

Mystery enfolds you as you walk
Into the twilight of the mystic vale
Urania, wielding a crystal ball
Entrances you with her secret, shadowy spell

With vigilance oe'r all within her sight
In a mossy glade beneath a giant oak
Clio stands, enshrouded in the mist
Keeping time and peace in her quiet nook

At the center of a sparkling pool
Erato stands, with Lyre in her hand
The shade of the weeping willow keeps her cool
In her cosy, romantic home of swans and hearts

And at the heart, the Golden Lyre plays
It's silent song of blessed inspiration
And regally, beneath the golden rays
The Lord Bard stands, in quiet contemplation

The Muses and the Bard forever drive
The hearts of artists all throughout the land
Keeping the spirit of the Arts alive
Beacons to those who'd walk the Bardic path