The Eventide Alehouse.

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By: Wolfacill Posted on: August 24, 2006

The blizzard roams, one can hardly see
But a sensational feeling, of being so free
A winter so cold, streets covered in ice
An amazing people, with love in their eyes

A travelling merchant, with goods to be sold
Seeks shelter and food, he’s offering gold
An old helpful serpent, points with his cane
To the Serpentis boulevard, over Argent lane.

A beautiful alehouse, a lovable man
A welcoming smile, and an offering hand
Frozen limbs, and in need of a rest
The laughing Harris, will offer his best

Dancing shadows, lit candle lights
Nobody shouting, and nobody fights
Beautiful music, from travelling bards
Some people dancing, some playing cards

A laughing mage, is telling a story
Of brawling orcs, and of gold and glory
A slumbering monk, in a corner alone
A content sigh, a feeling of home

Dropping eyelids, an approaching dream
Elk and lamassu, a wild running stream
The ithmian forest, covered in white
The running Zaphar, an upcoming night

A sleeping merchant, dressed up in gold
Dreaming of sirens, and warriors of old
At the Eventide alehouse, in Hashan you'll find
The drinks and the food, and a peaceful mind